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Josh the drama just finished with one of the report, you'll find in the latest issue of Monaco magazine, which is out on newsstands. This week. Continuing. Now with some printed information on the page before us we have eluding in the studio with today's newspapers Bill what have you found high? Bam was dying in the financial times on the opinion pages. An interesting take not necessarily agree with but worth discussing is by both gang moon. Chow who see me as chairman, and it says, the e you should kill off a Brexit reversal. Sipho stayed out of the UK's internal compilations. I've Brexit for good reason. It's easier for continental Europe. To learn the rules of cricket than to make sense of what the hell is going on in the house of Commons. But he's suggesting they actively interfere by taking the the kind of idea of Brexit reversal completely off the table saying maze tactic Saif off to by remain as and Brexit is into backing head Dale, but it's not really working. So what he's saying is if MP's impose no Dale than e you take on second if as opposed. No, Dale, and the EU takes no Brexit off the table, then you're can have to have a deal. So what you're saying? Is if they say, right. You can't have any extra time, and there's no extension, and when you can't renegotiate the only option is to take the deal, otherwise we're going to descend into chaos, and nobody wants that to happen. Yeah. I'm not sure that he's really fooled through perhaps he's a. Renting this really to try and stir the politics and get a female readers bit of attention, perhaps. But it doesn't sound like a very sensible idea given the criticism that's going to come from the other side of the Brexit debate the levers saying, the E U is religious too big bunch of bullies not going to let us leaving in good faith. I think that would surely just I it would make those accusations even worse yet. But what he's saying is that what may that was in this country? But as far as the EU is concerned of forced the hand when people here upset by that because you know, they have to they've kind of got self-preservation in mind, and and if kind of this just goes on and on, and that's a second referendum. And then the remain is due way. Not ready when you know, it's just going to kind of blur the line more and go on and on no shortage of takes on that Bill. Let's turn to some of the other pages in the paper. What else have you got? This is a fun story from the New York Times. But it's about Europe the making of Italy's popular strongman at lots of Natella story about matai, Sal. Vini we how we know he likes to spread Mattel Arana's bread. He winds down with a glass of Barral. I am and he drinks Moretti bay. We know all of this because he posts literally everything on social media and his parents of a carefully studied and remarkably successful strategy to sell his common mom brand in an empty elitist era. So this is. Mataz any kind of making the most of his Facebook page and his Instagram and his Twitter apparently the right of engagement on his Facebook page is higher than tunneled Trump's which is kind of incredible. And it's OPA of this thing to make him look like an everyday guy, you know, he poses topless, and he's got like, he's not the, you know, the skinniest or the most muscular managed, so he's like every day. You know, this is saying he's got a little bit of extra flab around unsurprising. If he's got an attempt. I've got to say those those Facebook metrics of engagement are probably just as questionable as pairing Parola with Natella. But I I digress. Bill. Unfortunately, we are out of time on that. So if you're still curious about Matteo Silva's Natella habits, you'll have to visit his Facebook page there that is an not necessarily instruction or a recommendation from me ability. Thank you for taking us through today's newspapers here on the briefing that brings us to the end of today's program. It was produced by Malcolm sippy, and researched by your linga phone at Nikola niece of studio manager was Kenya. Scarlet the briefing returns at the very same time tomorrow do join Juliette foster for today's edition of the Dory house. He's going live at eighteen hundred here in London thirty nine hundred if you're listening in New York City, I'm Ben Ryland. That's the briefing.

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