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Right. I mean I think one of the things that Pete is so remarkably great at because it's authentic He because he is a man of faith he can connect with supporters of faith and conversations on some of these. Really for me difficult issues, he's not engaging discrediting faith is the place motivation. He's actually using that as the way to conversation about you know some of these harder questions of morality in right and wrong. It's important to be to meet every voter in supporter where they arm to be able to have those conversations with rather than discredit than I think that also applies on this on the reproductive rights and abortion come conversations. We don't begrudge anybody ruining in faith that might lead them that their physician, what we want to talk about as the position in how it applies very reputable. So this week's quarantine corner is brought to us by our friends at neum and I posted this on social media the other day. But I've been using neum since few months ago and I like a lot of listeners probably let certain habits get out of hand during quarantine and so in the past few months I've started to rain those in and through Newman through all the different. Techniques and tools you have they have their I lost a ton of weight and I think one psychological trick I played over the past few weeks where I've seen some of the biggest progresses I actually stopped focusing so much on exercise and basically said my willpower I'm not gonNA apply it to exercise I may exercise because I want to but I'm not gonNA feel obligated to. I'm going to focus all of my willpower on food and that's it. So if I don't work out five days in a row, but I eat, well, that's where I wanNA use my willpower and it's amazing like I saw much better results than if I had worked out five times a day for that entire period time, and so I, think I learned something there might be little to exercise focus a nine up food focus urine an exercise focused person. So I guess this means this is just a change it doesn't mean I'm not accessible he's just last focus. Your Life, my exercise focused mentor in life. So now now I'm just rocked from the from the foundation I don't even know what to do. No. WELL MINUS MIKE WANTING CORNER ITEM is food related as well. I am officially just teams sweet potato just bake them slice them up. Put them in the fridge three ounces of sweet potato. One Small Kantar Deans that's become like my go-to snack for about the last couple of months..

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