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This is AP news. I'm Rita foley. Flooded streets wrecked homes no power. It's a devastating image in Florida after hurricane Ian slammed through last week, barreling all the way up into the Carolinas. The AP's Julie Walker. Helicopters rescue residents like Sean McCaffrey from the barrier islands, cut off from the mainland. I should have laughed at me. Letting damage extending inland people using boats to get around the streets of northport, John cha hills using two of them to toe his family's possessions, along with his daughter. It's an act of God, you know? I mean, that's all you can do is pray and hope for a better day tomorrow. Governor Ron DeSantis visiting child hill's community saying that day will come. I'm optimistic that things are going to bounce back quicker than people would normally think from a storm like this. It doesn't mean there aren't challenges. Of course there's challenges. President Biden visits Florida Wednesday to survey the damage. I'm Julie Walker. 61 people died in Florida and the storm four in North Carolina. The Supreme Court is beginning its new term, the AP's Supreme Court correspondent Mark Sherman says there's something new this morning. The Supreme Court begins a new term on Monday that includes major cases on race and college admissions, voting rights and the environment. And the court has a new justice on the bench justice catan Ji Brown Jackson is the first black woman to serve on the Supreme Court. Her presence on the bench, which is made up of 6 conservatives and three liberals, is unlikely to change the outcome of the biggest cases. Now to Ukraine, the Russian military is acknowledging that Ukraine's forces have broken through Moscow's defenses in the strategic person region in the south. A passenger's iPhone automatically alerted responders in Lincoln, Nebraska after a car hit a tree killing all 6 of those inside the car. This is AP news. President Biden's going to Puerto Rico today as it recovers from hurricane damage. President Biden is said to survey storm damage in Puerto Rico, which suffered catastrophic flooding last month before hurricane Ian if the U.S. east coast Fiona came ashore in Puerto Rico in two weeks later, tens of thousands remain without power. We're going to stay with it and stay at it as long as it takes. The president says his administration will not forget the U.S. territory as it recovers. He is expected to announce some $60 million for shoring up its levees and flood walls and to create a new flood warning system. He's due to visit Florida Wednesday, Sagar Meghani, Washington. Don't skip the flu shot this fall, the flu may come back this fall after it dropped a low levels during the pandemic, say experts, so they're reminding you to get the flu shot. I'm Rita foley, AP news. This is a 20 a.m. W CPT willow springs, and streaming worldwide at WWC PT 8 20 dot com. We are Chicago's progressive chalk, where facts matter. Now, your W CT 8 20 Chicago traffic update. My Chicago southeast side, there's fire at 78th at colfax. Looking at heavy traffic on the inbound caddy can feel to atoms. It's 51 minutes O'Hare to downtown Chicago. 27 minutes from all throws 25 of the express, how about 41 minutes downtown to O'Hare, the Eisenhower inbound has a trip time of 52 minutes, three 90 to downtown 39 for wolf, half on 35 to three 90. Stevenson, bunch of proof, 43 minutes in from the fabric's memorial, the lie at 21 minutes, died, he fits to downtown, the iPhone Ryan ramp to the outbound Stevenson is still closed. Southbound 53 remains heavy from the items tollway before beast or field after a crash at the north dot veterans royal without told the Reagan to weigh. I'm chip Taliban chief. A new season is coming. And with it major delays being reported due to another killer doll with a shady plan, just how many Chuck E.'s are there. Chucky rises again. And this time he wants to take over the world. And our freeways, Chucky, season two, premieres

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