Hurd discussed on The No Film School Podcast - How to Make an Authentic Movie About Someone Else's Story


We don't see any of the production team faces but how do you then insertive post in winter creating something to present to the world how do you avoid making like for lack of a better word like poverty porn where it's like oh look how hard it is there welli'm gonna go get my latterday you know if it's a great question really important question andi think it's something that we've we grappled with kind of throughout production and something we thought about and continue to to talk about andi don't think there's kind of any easy answers umi do think we continued to involve a in the process you know about a year into production we she started telling us about this journal that she was keeping and that she great wrote into it pretty much every day meant you read a some of the entries and they're really incredible and kinda brought some new depths to you to her story and encounter her in her life so we it worked with hurd to kind of do those two readings of journal entries we would show her footage from the film and have a reacts and so you know it wasn't that she was kind of making every editing decision with us but we were continuing to involve her in the process of crafting her story and that was important to us because again we are outsiders stewart world in every way and we felt it was really really important to do her story justice and you know i think uh you know people can take away what would they will from the film but when we first showed her the finished film her reaction was just so moving to to me i mean she just she was so excited to see it she got so emotional at you know seeing these different moments in her life and and she just said like this is me this is this is my life and i think that was kind of it was one of the most exciting moments of the process of far yeahi think the idea of reinforcing stereotypes are falling into cliches is something i mean that's our deepest fear really men i think as you know we were tracking her life it was.

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