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I'm Cheri Preston. We're just days away from what some say are the most important midterm elections in recent history. And even though the president is not on the ballot. His influence is according to a new ABC news Washington Post poll. Gary Langer of Langer research associates director polling for ABC news. President Trump has a forty percent job approval rating in this poll, the lowest for any president heading into his first midterm since nineteen Forty-six and six ten likely voters say they're looking for a candidate who shares their opinion of Mr. Trump it works out to an eight point lead for the Democrats in national house vote preference. Now, what if the Democrats do take back control of the house ABC news chief anchor George Stephanopoulos with more on what a split congress would mean for the Trump presidency number one it stops the ability of of the president and Republicans to advance their agenda through a unified house and Senate number two. It opens up the possibility the president's going to be facing multiple investigations on multiple fronts. If you've got a house majority with subpoena power, they can look into questions not only about Russian interference in the last election. But all kinds of oversight of President Trump his administration his businesses that's a brand new ballgame. Because of that the president has been campaigning hard for Republicans on Saturday. He was in Montana in Florida today. He'll be in Tennessee. Former President Obama has been in Florida and Georgia some of those who survived the yoga studio shooting in Tallahassee Florida talking about it. Danielle Garcia, Alabama was shot in the leg. It went through and through my and luckily, there was a Hispanic lady behind me that helped me up and she helped me run down the stairs. A man in the yoga class was able to hit the gunman with a vacuum cleaner studying him and helping her and others get away. The sounds from Iran this morning. Doughnuts. Bows is rallying in Tehran against the US marking the anniversary of the nineteen Seventy-nine embassy takeover and protesting the renewal of sanctions that were lifted under the Iran nuclear deal. You're listening to ABC news..

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