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And let us never forget silicon valley's taco copter never forget takeq amazon even floated offloaded floated the idea of drone delivery um but the whole concept seemed relegated to mere stunt status due to a couple of things a flight regulations from bodies like the federal aviation administration or if a a here in the states and elsewhere i'm also the tech was still clumsy a lightweight batteries don't last long enough the carrying capacity is in great enough stuff like that mmhmm but big companies like like bell technologies and boeing ahha big are working on the tech end up possibly for contracting to the military first end their level of influence may sway organizations like the faa to open it up for commercial use wow um there is one service currently available as far as i understand in a reykjavik iceland that's already using drones to circumvent the city's bay shaving some twenty minutes off of delivery times to the two or between the two halves of the city uh uh courriers will drop deliveries off at one drone hub for launching and other courriers deliver the food by bike or foot on the other end um and they're they're planning though for for home deliveries sometime in the future supposably i don't know about that uh in all of this could be as serious boon for the environment if it a takes off oh uh truck and m personal gaspowered vehicle transportation create just a lot of of greenhouse gas emissions and large electrolytic drones could really help due to their energy efficiency a personal electric vehicles and electric trucks would also be good but not as good as drums huh uh efficiency whilst you oh and one more that i forgot to write down but i saw a at see us this year which is a a consumer earned news it's it's it's an it's a media plays these days but it's about electron ix pizza hut was showing off their concept for a automated pizza delivery vehicle right yeah yeah like a like a like a right i remember the selfdriving car just for pizzas oh my goodness which apparently there is a.

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