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The American Legion every year the boys and girls state programs at the state level you know forty nine of the fifty states of them the resulting of boys and girls nation programs and that we have a call from don in the Great Falls Montana this evening and I think your list for the K. Q. D. I. fourteen fifty if I'm not mistaken done I I really actually did not have a question for that they went up to comment you were you know Thomas there are no comments okay well Thomas do you know a dot in Great Falls Montana so yeah I assume he he probably just gave a downgrade vases my friend Kaylie Casey from Helena Montana he's on the capital high football team with me actually okay so we have that we have all right that's okay we could use the alias is with bind did you did you see greatness in your friend god did you have a great yes yeah I'd be great if lebron well that's that's good that you did I'm I'm glad that you did at the other words the fact that the with infected Thomas as well that was a vice president of boys nation does not surprise you I take it no not at all but I did get in our school probably well that's outstanding I appreciate very much you calling in did you yourself don you ever have any thoughts about going into such a program exist now all of what you want to think about it what what day you're are you in school gonna be a senior gonna be a senior well there you go all right we'll talk with our our guests a bit about the the whole notion of eligibility right Sir talk with us got wind first of all if somebody wants to will be involved in a in a girls state or boys state program but what is the eligibility yeah so it's an individual whose rising senior so between their junior and senior year and traditionally there were there were further from either their counselors or from their local legion posts really each state kind of recruits differently and so for like said some the the council say he'll daughter locally imposes a Hey you know these are the individuals that we like to nominate for boys state and then the lease and we'll go from there for the legion will reach out to the community itself looking for those individuals and then bring them in and of course the selection process and then they go to boys state now that that well so Ellenberger the cost involved you obviously can't run a program like this up for nothing someone most of pay the freight if you will to the participants for their families have to pick up the tab no Sir the American Legion American Legion auxiliary take care of all the costs associated well that's outstanding again as I see a great program I you know my memory is is is the elusive Scott on the the length of time I seem to remember something approaching a week at the of the jury boys state program but how long do the the state programs tend to go and how long does the boys nation and girls they should program go yes of the at the national level were eight days where from from Friday till till Friday but the name that leave on Saturday so I guess it's really seven days and then at the state level it depends so each state has a different program and they run things completely different level so we are as at the American Legion we are a bottom up organization and so we don't really have any say in how each state runs our program and so some of them run for about four five days some of them can run up to nine and so it really just depends on the state let let's talk to our boy years involved in the program again Lucas and and Thomas in terms of the of what impressed you the most either at the state level or at the net national level Lucas what most impressed you what activity what visit what trip if you will to Capitol Hill or where all you have been the what was the most impressive part for you well I think has started the state level at the state level the most impressive part of the entire program was definitely the communication and the way that my counselors which is so easy to talk to it was just so helpful with everything that I could have asked them to be helpful for at the national level I'd say that the American Legion goes to great lengths to make sure that even if you don't enjoy the Senate sessions or even if you think that the long and arduous you will enjoy your trip to DC and I think that that's something beautiful because it might trips the DC meeting with vice president pence I do not agree with the man on a lot but it was still amazing to meet somebody like that and today I also got to see a performance by the third infantry regiment of the US army the old guard they performed via a military peasant call the twilight that too and that was just unbelievable it was beautiful it was so well executed now tell us badly the most impressive part of your experience of the state or the federal level so on all on the boys nation no I'm really gonna have to agree with Lou on the fact that DC is amazing I really believe that every American should try to make a trip to DC once in their life the memorials and everything we got to do here has has been so cool and I appreciated it so much at the state level and definitely at the national level as well the camaraderie that this program builds I still remember my city from Boise state everyone at boys status are divided into different cities and the city of last chance I mean the bond I have with those guys I still talk to all of them every single day via social media and I know the bond I will have with them will be lasting just as a we are building here boys nation today I have these things stick with you I'm pretty sure that the city the to which I was in attendance again in nineteen sixty one was Alcorn city I'm pretty sure that was the name of that the city of about each other is in Alcorn Missouri but again the the political parties the city's all lower all fictitious but it sticks with you I can remember those people I really can't stop the wind what is left on the the boys nation agenda as we speak here live this is a Wednesday evening and there's still a lot of time left what is the forth coming for the participants yes tomorrow yes the White House visit is is traditional and it is one of the highlights but it's something that we do really unique here with the boys nation program is that we actually connect these young men and women of with their owner senators and congressmen within their own state so tomorrow we're gonna get up early and were to take them down to the hill and we're pretty much gonna let them go without appointments each of them have appointments with some of the other senators the congressman's over both either or but each one of them will have some time to sit down with those men and women that are represent as their state and bring forth the bills that they produce at boys and girls nation or to bring forth the topics that are important to them and the individuals of of this younger generation and the fact that the representative these congressmen and senators take the time to do this with them is just phenomenal it's really something that's unique to our program it's it's a tremendous program we'll talk some more one eight six six five oh Jimbo is our number one eight six six five oh five four six two six have you rode cynical about the political process let me tell you something involvement in the American legion's boys and girls state boys and girls nation programs will remove your cynicism there are many fine young people out there who are learning more about their civic responsibilities whether.

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