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Saw this written up back actually in this the only wears i was trying to describe it to somebody earlier today telling an octagon it's swings you like a pendulum from side to side lakes were majan it's going like one of those pirate ship brides almost at a swings you from side to side and it's spins like teacups right but instead of a pirate ship it's a circle of six different group of seats and each one has four seats in each show each each of the six sections has four seats in it and those things spin around while it's swinging back and forth so when it was at one end of the pendulum in everyone's up in the air one of the groups of seeds breaks off yeah this thing i mean the video of it is unbelievable if if you had any fear of ride carnival i attic carnival rides put together by met verdicts them and inspected by a board out of work state inspectors this is your name nightmare come trade teen year old man was killed seven more injured just horrific are ask a crews this alaska cruise is an amazing story and its trending right now because it is is it's crazier than we thought it would be thirty nine year old woman found dead in the couple's room on a princess cruise ship in alaska kenneth the husband has blood on his hands in his clothes and they said blood was spattered splattered threw out the cabin some sort of a domestic incident is what we originally heard the boat went right back into port at juneau alaska and everyone was told not to move in fact not to leave their cabins until the fbi came on board and could figure things out he told the fbi that the reason he killed his wife head wound and then tried to dump body was because she wouldn't stop laughing at him that's why to laugh of people who are mad that is crazy they're gonna obviously finish their crews whatever happens i believe i don't even know what the what the procedure is enough to they finish their crews did these they don't things our what exiting investigations going to take longer than a day will it's us and it's a seattlebased we should get a credit and they've got a flight people home i you're eating out is trending as well you may have seen this hashtag because there is word.

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