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And as we were talking about concierge. PT and travel PT and and Thinking about how some aspects of that. We're really heightening. I just hope that's something that everybody's talking about whether they're practicing is is really trying to provide the basketball. You can't and as experts in non surgical management musculoskeletal conditions. Yeah I think that's the talking one of our profession with with you doing so much advocacy we should let the. It's there Your state delegate. Writing in in Colorado. I'm actually going to be the Orthopedic Academy Delegate Nice All right so involvement involvement with within the profession of vision. Twenty twenty was. When was that brought about three four years ago? Maybe longer in terms of here of things I want to accomplish by twenty twenty which I'm sure when they set out to achieve it seemed like the future but all of a sudden we're in twenty twenty and it looks like a lot of those things got checked off the list in done. Yeah Yeah you know and a lot of them are kind of. They're moving targets. There's there are things to work towards. We have direct access in every state but we don't have complete open full full direct access state so there's still Goals to be achieved. But we're looking at a totally different profession than when they came up with that back in two thousand five or something bad I think the entire percussion change in that. Is that one that one vision twenty twenty one that long ago two thousand five or around back in that timeframe back in that time for written. Wow that's great yes so I guess you know probably going into the future people like you. Who are in the governing process of our profession ashes? You're going to have to pick a target like twenty thirty twenty forty twenty fifty and draw up some new new things to strive towards anything top of mind for you that you'd WanNa see the profession go towards in terms of solving. You know I I never really known. These are the kind of questions I ask myself just sitting there were some people back in the early. Two thousand were really visionary and saw where this Profession GonNa win and I kinda. I wonder how you get yourself there and get yourself a mind for him to be able to do that. You've got to be you've got to be really entrenched in stuff for a long time. I guess to see to really be able to say where we are now and to really say what great possibilities are in our future and need to be in our future so glad to see that and we'll see what comes out of House of delegates at the next conference which is not far off in June. This take the parting shots. The parting shot is brought to you by rock tape. Rock tape is more than just a company they are a movement company bringing you not only the world's the finest kinesiology tape but movement courses to help you get your patients moving stronger longer. Make sure to check out your medical provider pricing right now at rock tape dot com slash medical medical. That's rock tape dot com slash medical to get your hands on rock tape rock blades. Rock pods and rock floss again. Rock tape dot com slash medical. That is rock tape eight dot com slash medical parting. Shot your chance for a For A mic. Drop moment. What's the last thing you wanNA leave in the audience's mind or I mean we're talking about the US? I am just go and absorbed as much as you can get in every room your chance. Listen to every speaker you can meet every PT and Kali. You can't just Just the most out of the office I love it yeah well said etc around a lot seventeen thousand eighteen thousand colleagues the biggest meeting in our profession Osaman. If you're missing this one I really want to put the bug in your brain Make sure to plan to attend a meeting like this or a next to or national student. Conclave if you're a student he's big meetings you get got a lot out of them you get that energy you get that that connection so I think well said James appreciate the time giving us a preview of the the local flavor and we'll see in Denver boundary the we'll be right back to the time cast new step created the first PROC of its kind twenty five years ago. That was the new step. recumbent recumbent cross trainer now. It's a maintained rehab with physical therapists worldwide new step now continues its tradition of innovation with the new step transit. Another innovation in recumbent cross trainers for physical therapists delivering real time. biofeedback with this piece of equipment letting you use it. Meaningful ways for awareness of physical performance goals identifying and correcting deficits or imbalances ticket test driver fund out more at new step dot com. That's N. use step dot com online at new step dot com keep up with the show online. PT PODCASTS DOT COM and on the socials ipt. PODCAST show's brought to you by Arias medical staffing single source. I WanNa do what you WANNA do. which is be a physical therapist where you want to do it? They've got positions anywhere in the US. All fifty states. Yeah we get asked Salat Alaska Hawaii Colorado. You WanNa do some mountains. You like rivers lakes ocean they got you covered a you are a US medical dot com. It's very simple to explain what they do. It's why I love working with them. They find jobs doing what they WANNA do where they want to do it. You put yourself through school lots of blood sweat and tears. No no you decide where you work are is has you covered a U. R. E.. US MEDICAL DOT COM no obligation. Just check them out and see what they have to offer. They've been doing this for a couple. Ah decades a U. R. E. U. S. medical dot com to the PT. Tynecastle with Jimmy Mackay next the CSM preview. We talked to Patrick Berner. Her and Mozambique Caruth got pretty inventive. Way To get in front of some people who might not have been in front of a physical therapist before and they're doing it in the community right where we always say. Physical therapist should be well. They're putting their effort. Their mouths is the P. T. tynecastle it's all that. CSM As we we get ready for the big dance the biggest dance in the profession. CSM COMING UP February twelfth fifteenth in the Mile High City of Denver as while more than seventeen eighteen thousand physical therapists are going to go to Colorado this year. Bring him back on the show. Patrick Berner and I think the first time on the program right now. Monique Caruth guys. Welcome to the show. You glad to talk to you guys because Near and dear to my heart is how do we help people not only in our clinical environment. But how how can we do it outside of that and you guys are pretty intimately involved with a project. That's going to be going on outside of the the walls of the conference center at CSM. And I WANNA talk about that you frame up for me what you guys are GonNa be doing and and really how it came about the initiative they were doing title. PT and the community. We end. It's one of the two a PTA community initiative that that are going on during the FM initiative and then the step challenge of people are familiar with at the teaching community. It's really kinda twofold and we're working with the Denver Public School system and then we're also working with the homeless population of the Denver area near the Convention Center so there's a fundraising apparent as a volunteer opportunity component right raising money for applies for the schools that majority of those public schools are a minority population. So it's underserved. Population and in the applies for Cam packages for the Homa opportunities ripened fruits on the ground care packages doing interactive stuck with the schools. We're their love that WHO's really going to get the benefit of this. Who who are the kids that that you're going to be helping the kind of paint that picture for the audience? The most of the kids in Denver Public School System with the net system is actually a hundred schools so with our our partnership that the Colorado thinks after has made with the public school system. And we're going to shoot the try and get into about ten or fifteen or the school that wins. They of him most of the the kid grammar school kind of middle school aged kids and like I said most of that population is a minority. By in kind of those under funded ended an underserved school systems at school locations like that and specifically. What are you guys doing there in the schools? What are you going to be bringing to the community meaner highlight that for me? Yeah so with the schools we have an assembly kind of map out right there with the schools that are participating are we got about forty five minutes minutes with the school with the kids. They're kind of an assembly style. Riding the goal is to educate them on their profession. If there's therapy but also Advocates them on healthy. Living Movement is important. Why healthy eating is important? You know getting enough sleep really trying to paint them a picture. What healthier living With an all throw you know let them know about our profession in that it is an option in the future. Something to look into Let's talk about big picture. Goals down the line Komo Nick. How's this going to make their lives better? How's it going to change things for the individuals that you guys get to come in contact with while all insist on bringing awareness to the profession? People are gonNA fall seeing different. Pharmacists therapy we been highlighting.

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