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Insurrectionists than for people accused of violence during racial justice protests in 2020 It's 7 18 Traffic and weather on the 8s here let's check it out with Jack in the traffic center I mean had some issues on the beltway will start in Maryland topside inner loop as you roll toward Connecticut avenue in George avenue There we had word of a broken down vehicle looking now on the outer loop of the beltway near the bottom of Washington park way word of a crash Virginia from Alexandria headed back to oxen hill outer loop local lanes on the Wilson bridge we'd heard of one broken down along the left side of the roadway Not really causing an issue It's off to the shoulder outer loop in Virginia down your two 36 little river turnpike There's a broken down truck with the helper van It's over on the right shoulder All right new trouble reported out of Sterling on old Oxford west near Moran road You may have only a single lane getting by That's a crash reported wreck on Braddock road east near kings park drive manassas drive westbound near Kent drive there had been a reported crash and everything is now out of the roadway on 66 east before 29 in centerville Again that broken down vehicle Out of the roadway No real delay continuing east all the way toward Rosalind That weighs good now between Alexandria and mcclain Maryland prince George's county beltway outer loop near the BW Parkway reports of Iraq we'd had word of a broken down vehicle Really not causing any kind of a delay It's on the inner loop after Connecticut avenue Two 70 southbound heavy and urbana down to one O 9 then we'd had some slowing going into Rockville Hopefully the crash that was in the main line down near montrose road cleared from the left leg maybe onto the shoulder Beers mill road up near three 55 follow police direction around that wreck and also 95 northbound after route 100 there had been reports of a broken down vehicle This traffic appointed sponsored by Burke and Herbert bank local knowledge local decisions for commercial banking it's better at birkin Herbert bank At your service since 1852 Jack Taylor TOP traffic Our forecast now Mike still for whoever the fog went hope it stays there because it looks beautiful right now It's a beautiful morning Still got some fog around the gate this.

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