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Ramsey's diamond jewelers back to the cajun cannon bobby a beer and big chief deep elavia via on wwl call 5042601870 text 870870 or tweet at deep big chief steve geller filling in for the big chief hope you do in out will out there d i'm here with the cajun canaan bobby hebert and though little bit of full paul talk here right now make sure to see here what michael in baton rouge wants to say talking about v saint beat muff philadelphia eagles michael how you doing hey hey devalued no i just wanted to give you give you a little trouble the day off like you know body lady yang note here robbing with it you watch your saint that perked even they play yes yes i am an yeah i was more illicit og was lauren lsu tiger fang 'cause my dad graduated from mellish ryan sixty one so he l he would take us to saints game but i was more whatever nfl team had lsu players like jimmy taylor would the packers right wind satellite back with the viking so yeah it was more along those lines and who will winning so i would say i was more as the first greater i was kind of a packers and a dolphins fan but i was a dolphins fan before they went undefeated i had my dad took me to the super bowl in two lanes stadium when the cowgirls wags the doll for a white handkerchief deaths with dolphin fans used the ray wave i never get this in sixth grade had a couple of girls there on my side the whole classes against us but so i got away with the winner but i liked pro football but i was not a die hard saint stand as a youngster well he you know who to group her screen at saint ever beat was that the eagle's philadelphia you're twenty seven to twenty grit well the the eagle's you know it's amazing an easily stands in the vehicles number well and then you look in philadelphia the steve you know this was the last time they wanted championship it was presuper bowl right you gotta go away 1963 ain't exactly so how no.

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