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That's that's a good pick video. I'm sure most people listening probably very seen it. But. Yeah. Yeah. Awesome. So good pig. How? Oh, go look it up. If not can we do can we do a cow's guy this week. Oh, yeah. Do cows guy. A handful picks that we could do there. It's a ton of pigs in a lot of former players. I could come up a lot of birthdays that are coming up in December for Kalainov is former players, but Mike how's guy pick of the week is probably the most shocking take of the week. And it's Rick Pitino. What wait what? Yes. Cal perry. He said that he thought it would be respectful to X Wildcats coach Rick Pitino if he returned to Rupp arena, and they honored him All on the the night. night three final four. We have to be there. We have to be there. I will move heaven and earth to be there if that happens. Oh my God. What? So they honor the ninety three team. Rick Pitino was obviously not there. But he was asked by coach to be there and coach Rick Pitino tweeted this zone, December fifteenth about three days ago said okay grass the ninety three UK team proud of you guys and love the hell out of you. Thanks Cal for reaching out much appreciated. So I believe Patino, we'll be back. I. I do believe that coach Cal will honor him, which is the only way you can honor Patino in thing like that is to do it as part of the team. That's the only way I think because if if they're trying to do they already missed the boat, and they already missed the boat. Well, I guess I guess he had some other teams. Right. You could do the I don't know. He had some other teams do the ninety six in like five or however, many I can't do the math the ninety the twentieth. Anniversary of the ninety six thing has already passed all shit world. The thirty year anniversary of the ninety six. I don't know they can have them back as part of the team. But you could do you could never do a if they do a thing where it's like, we're honoring Rick potato house. Stay did with that Mata where it's like, hey, we know that we kind of we're over you, and whatever, but we want you to come back now and on like if they do that holy shit. That's going to be hilarious. And they try to they try to like hang. They try to retire is sports code a sports coat in the rafters earn awards. Oh my God. That would be that would be absolutely hilarious. I would love that. I think I think the best thing that they could do with Patino is just bring him back in play like King, Arthur music, you know, like he's going to Camelot and he rides in like a couple times. That's what I want. No one to have its full moment in Camelot and his beautiful place. And and really enjoy because I do think coach cow is trying to pander back to the UK fans. I had Kentucky guy that works on my dad here talking me last night about how a lot of those guys use the heat a former player there, and he was saying a lot of the Kentucky. Blue people are very upset because they don't play good teams and Rupp they you know, they play fairly Dickinson and all these random teams we're up, but they play all the big games on neutral sites. And he said a lot of people blame cow for that. So I think cow is trying to pander back to the to the blue, you know, the big blue fan base. But I don't think Rick Bettino is the choice. Yeah. You know? I don't know who advised him of that, you know, the way to painter back and maybe a good game back and also get people excited. I don't know maybe play Indian on campus and stop being a coward because you had your feelings hurt because Christian Wofford hit shout once and you really you really just had your feelings. But then pretended like you were worried about the safety of your players. I don't know. But that's just one suggestion that came to mind, I don't know just a humble suggestion of. Yeah. That's that's a good pick cows guy. I saw like Devon booker's back..

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