Alan Dershowitz, Biden, Lillian Hellman discussed on The Eric Metaxas Show


Do you think you believe biden was was actually elected and i'm i'm fairly certain we're going to see information to the contrary soon. Everybody will have to look at it. But let's say he was the question that i have because i know you have to go. Do you think that he and his administration genuinely care about free speech. Because i don't get the impression that he that that he in the office of the president who has this tremendous bully pulpit that he gives a fig about what we are talking about right now. I don't think it even crosses his mind with the minds of the people as administration. I think they're making it work for them. Which to me is the greater scandal. Well i know. Joe biden for now. It's forty years. I like him as a person. I think he the right man for the job at this point in time. He's helping the combination. But no president kicker free speech. Thomas jefferson before he became president said given a choice between a government without newspapers or newspaper without governments. I would surely pick newspapers without government. Then he was president and then he issued a different statement. He said if nobody read newspapers. We'd be better off in smarter and fairer than if people read newspapers. So no incumbents like the media particularly and joe biden himself. I think we'll support free speech. But they're going to be people in his administration. He's appointed some people who are radically on the left just the way Republicans have appointed. Sometimes people are radically on the right. We need to move more to the center. We need to move more to all the old debate between genuine liberals in genuine conservatives. Both of whom bull we freedom of speech. I used to debate bill buckley. All the time on his television she was a conservative. A liberal enjoyed each other. We ran for a drink after we got along. There was no cancelled culture. I crave for the days of bill. Buckley versus alan dershowitz. Instead of the kind of cancel culture we're experiencing

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