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We'll be votes. I'm rich Denison, Fox News. Senate majority leader Mitch McConnell today, accusing Democrats of a smear campaign against supreme court nominee. Brad Kavanagh promising and upward down vote in the near future. Democrats our allies are trying to destroy a man's personal and professional life on the basis of decades old allegations that are unsubstantiated. And on corroborated. Democrats are calling for confirmation hearings on Kevin on be postponed as accusations of sexual misconduct by the nominee. Families two women are investigated. Cavenaugh denies all of the claims, President Trump staying tight lipped on the fate of deputy attorney general rod Rosenstein, but says he hopes to figure out what's going on. When the two meet later this week at the White House get back, we're gonna have to be I spoke with rise today meeting on Thursday when I get back to the weather Rosenstein who oversees the special counsel probe into Russian election meddling and possible ties to the Trump presidential campaign came under fire after a New York Times report published last week that report claim the second in command at the Justice department, raise the possibility of secretly recording the president and of invoking the twenty fifth amendment to remove the president from office Rosenstein, has issued several statements denying any such conversations took place. President Trump today signing a new trade pact with South Korea's leader while meeting with president moon at the UN. And I think it's very exciting. Was a long time in coming basic redoing of the agreement that was done before which was a very unfair agreement for the United States. President Trump also saying he'll beat with North Korean leader Kim Jong UN in the near future site or date for that. Second summit hasn't been announced Fox News, fair and balanced. Why PC mobile news on the level on the? Yes. You can dig it. And here's how cloudy and seventy degrees. Thunderstorms developing overnight, severe storms possible tomorrow. I'm staying Lear. Here's what's trending at six. Oh to a two billion dollar. Indianapolis construction project is half way to the finish line eight miles of tunnel. From Southport Meridian Kessler will eliminate in these chronic sewer overflows citizens energy CEO. Jeffrey Harrison says there are to finish in twenty twenty four knee are about four hundred million dollars under budget point four million dollar projects were also early today, maybe as much as year ahead of schedule. I ten miles up to just south of soil oil stadium are up and running another four miles have been dug, but still need have country liners on the near north side. Eric Berman Ninety-three WIBC mobile new in a unanimous. Ruling the Indiana supreme court overturns the state law finding railroads for blocking rail crossings to. Along the court says federal law gives congress Sola thirty to regulate railroads that was the argument presented in the challenge to the state law filed by the Norfolk Southern railroad bribery charges for the former superintendent of the Vigo county school corporation Kirk Darlene reports Marion county prosecutor's office detailed the charges Monday against Dr Daniel to news in affidavit says an anonymous source contacted the FBI accusing the school corporation of inappropriately awarding contracts under two nooses wash the FBI then launched a public corruption investigation and through the anonymous source found several documents from as early as twenty thirteen corroborating sources allegations to news faces up to six years in prison. If convicted Kirk darling Ninety-three WIBC mobile news in Indiana, suicide is the second leading cause of death for young people. Chris Davis says that number is even higher among LGBTQ. That's why the Indiana Youth group exists to let people know, regardless of sexual orientation that they are valued we work with the number of. View the even currently who have made attempts at suicide response and CEO of the youth group says you could be that one person in someone's.

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