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The should became the my letian routed are under seventeen amid with apparent a presidential visit end funerals and broward i'm jackie quinn with an ap news minutes president trump visited with some of the shooting victims that a broward hospital and praised their doctors in the first responders who rushed them there later he met with police and fire crews who rushed victims from the school disaster funerals were held today one father railed out with grief in his synagogue the fbi admit that had dropped the ball someone had provided a tip last month about the suspect having guns and talking about killing people at a provided information about nicklaus crews potential of heavy coming his skull shooter but he didn't get to wear it needed to go a major earthquake has hit central and southern mexico was seven point two on the richter scale causing buildings to sway a spokesman for hillary clinton says the indictments in the special council investigation show would they knew all along i jackie quinn the aranka tang population in borneo has plummeted more than one hundred thousand serbs ninety ninety nine that number comes from a report in the journal current biology the report places some of the blame on the rise of the palm oil and paper industries which are shrinking jungle habitats according to the international union for conservation of nature arang a tang numbers could drop to forty seven thousand by 20 25 that's from their 2016 population estimate of about one hundred five thousand in a positive twist the new study found burning in a rang a tank's armour resilience and adaptable than thought they walk on the ground more often than previously was known and they can feed on plants that haven't been part of their natural diet the author said this may allow them to survive in smaller forest sandon landscapes where the forest is fragmented two spacewalking astronauts have wrapped up months of repair work on the international space ace stations big robot arm they replaced both hands on the fifty eight foot robot arm during spacewalks in october and january the old mechanical hands were getting old they were original space station parts built 17 years ago each hand is more than three feet long.

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