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Portsmouth, New Hampshire. He couldn't help. But wonder what lay waiting in the dark of the woods as he drove to work at night. He followed his night shifts with volunteer work as a legal redress chairman for the NWEA P Betty joined him in this as an assistant secretary the couple fought for their rights as well as the rights of others, Betty, forty two was a social worker. She believed in helping people in college. It had been about fighting for an integrated student body as an adult she worked welfare cases. Barney admired, a courage considering how hard they had been working bardy pitched a spur of the moment trip that take the car and the money they have in their pockets and drive tonight Agra falls, then returned down through the White Mountains there route for. Perfect loop going west out of New Hampshire and returning from the north after exiting Candida. It was a much needed trip. And for the most part it went off without a hitch four days later, they were on their way back home refreshed and ready to jump back into their hectic schedules. It was September nineteenth nineteen sixty one. A Tuesday the son had long since gone down and Barney and Betty hill were alone on the road surrounded by thick trees on either side. Barney was all about punctuality. He had pushed Betty into hitting the road quickly that night beforehand. He had written down the mileage of the car and he wanted to see how fast they could reach home. And what the exact distance was traveling only slightly above the speed limit. Of course, he had enjoyed this trip. They had taken together. But it was time to get back into the real world. They drove a nineteen fifty seven Chevrolet BelAir the car had chrome paneling that glowed in the moonlight. The surrounding mountains had witnessed millennia. Change in this valley to the mountains. The automobile was an alien a shining roaring contraption that would have been impossible. Just a few decades before if the earth is a spec in the universe. The hills were a spec in the White Mountains Betty held her dachshund del see in her lap. The dog was asleep uninterested in the dark forest whipping by outside Barney smiled at the site of them, but Betty began to look slightly concerned she shifted in her seat placing the dog on the floor. She tapped Barney pointing to the rear view. She was bothered by a light that had suddenly appeared between the full moon and Jupiter. He shrugged. It was probably just one of the new satellites. The government had been launching Barney pulled over so they could get out and look at the craft with their binoculars. He held Elsies leash while the dog peed and allowed Betty to observe the craft. That's not a satellite. She said annoyed. He handed her the leash and took the. Binoculars for himself holding them to his face. He was surprised to find that the light was moving fast. Oh, well, must just be a plane, then only he would have expected any planes to be headed north toward Canada. This one was making circles above the mountains to the west. He couldn't hear any engine or any propellers probably just a plain though, he hurried Betty back into the car. They continued along. Barney didn't want any further interruption. He wanted to make good time on the road. But then Betty was up in her seat. Again, looking through the rear view..

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