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Anas acting as they can shop around they can have once they can work out they can buy gifts they have a whole array of options of awesome things to do and making spend days in portsmouth doing all kinds of local fund things tourists things with bitcoin only so that's really need and so besides brick and mortar establishments the are you also saying there are some other uh people who or as a priori is who also set bitcoin uh that don't have a shop per se or do you have any information on that while not counting any of those per se but there are a ton of people in the area who accept bitcoin used bitcoin or even have bitcoin startups or work for uh like the dash team and uh or are bitcoin engineers and there's a lot of bitcoin going on outside of just retail is he the dust he doesn't jole valenzuela live in portsmouth racine keen he lives in a in a suburb of portsmouth okay so he's nearby yeah i believe he comes down from time to time in and spends dash she likes a scalpel places the likes to spend dash yeah we interviewed him as a text bitcoin conference that he attended in extra give a talk at right i think you unfortunately i missed it but yeah he's a great guy and two credible he lives solely on dash in uh let me ask you will one i think it school that these establishments space what you're saying it's a mix is not just like all dino honors they bookstores or all up uh restaurants only that sounds like there's a mix of businesses that uh except crypto so that you could actually kind of get all your shopping done encrypt oh i think it's really neat but who got the shops we get about a little over minutes will break but who got the shops to accept grip during the first place you know.

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