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We did. I saw something, you know, as a young men, I knew he was an amazing singer. And all of that. Talent, you know, born with talent then developed by by working on it. But this this tour we just did we're playing three three and a half hour shows and the the amount preparation that guy does hour and a half warm-ups. We, you know, I'm in bed asleep, and he's still warm down realize the show. So we. For booklet. Right. So he singing for an hour and a half, then three and a half hour show, and then another hour and a half warm down and the guy's just become a master of of. Master vocalist. He he's a math. I really better. Then back in the day. He's I think he's the best best day in there is period is house ever houses. How's he doing motion -ly as he stable is he on time call them right now. Like, what would he say? Like, I mean, I I do understand the interest in all of that here to talk about my record accents, great. He's one of the guys. I I know and he would. Make some joke about but you're talking about right now. Yeah. He's he's. Doing great. I I really am. I become like this super fan of his work ethic. Well, it's so at the beginning, you're just sort of. I don't know. I guess it's like we all know, those guys who are gifted athletes had a great physique, and they're just touched by God. And it kinda got by on that they didn't work that hard. But they still beat everyone on Sunday when when the game started or whenever day, whatever the metaphors, whatever the sports, and then later on those guys as they got older and the body started to give out just naturally they had to now work on technique in rehearsal and preparation all the stuff. They didn't really need to do is much when they were young and gifted touched by God and everything like that. But sometimes you get better because now the physical bodies, I don't want to say giving out, but you're not just you can't just rely on. What you you have to stretch out? You got to warm up. Gotta get hurt. If you don't do that. So now, you're more focused and you've actually up your game. Is that a fair assessment? That's very fair assessment. I know like even with me like. Misnomer. Probably about guns roses at the beginning. Was we were bunch of cups. And and and the songs we wrote just fell out of the sky, but nobody worked harder than that. Bam. We had today rehearsals? You know, always I it's all we did was play write songs, and we work hard from the gecko, and what happens like after I got sober in my forties and fifties now like when I work out, and and and kick box and and by my mouth bike. I have more mental discipline now than I ever have in. And I was probably an I plan to do it again. Like when I'm fifty at forty eight I was in the best shape commercials. I'm in the best shape of my life. But it was because I had the mental discipline. I knew how to train smart train really hard out train the kid in the gym who's just in their kinda hitting bags because he's got natural cardio. Yeah. But I will train harder than. Him. I will I will. He we're we're on a probably couple months younger than you. I is there something going on that didn't seem to be around when we're young. And we're talking about middle age fifty five year old dudes where five where there, I'm I'm turning fifty five and two months or month month and a half or so. But I feel more focused and more into everything. Then my dad's friends seem to be when I was a kid like everyone was kind of looking at ratcheted down get a sweater with suede patches on the sleeves smoke a pie put on a few pounds. Like, I feel like every all the guys I know that are in their fifties or getting more focused or there's something going on. I don't I don't know if it's a renaissance. I don't know if it was always that way. I don't know. I would all I think it's all the Rolling Stones. Wow. That's true. Yeah. They're out there still doing they..

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