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Forty five minutes in the in the downtown I'm sky Mike in the Gulf coast windows dot com twenty four hour traffic center all we are so far away from the snow zone five forty two centric it would Terry Smith in the Katie are each nasco again in twenty four hour weather center fact worry are very spring like as far as the temperatures today Terry we really are I mean we have been warm the last couple of days and we've got one more day with the temperatures running above the norm and then we start to cool off on Friday and Saturday it's a brief cooldown that will start to four pack up early next week it's really been a nice stretch of weather well today's another dry day were partly cloudy with those southerly winds will wind up in the low to mid seventies today there is a weak front that'll swing through tonight about it looking for any rain but that will all be part of the reason for the slightly cooler weather tomorrow never start out with some clouds tomorrow morning but mainly a sunny dry day upper sixties to mid seventies for high so just a little bit cooler Saturday were in the mid sixties Saturdays the coolest day and then by Sunday one cold front temperatures on time to help me pack up in the seventies right now it is fifty three and your official severe weather station newsradio seven forty K. T. R. H. what's so smart and you're smart speakers okay Google play K. T. R. H. on I heart radio the choral arts society of Washington brings the songs of the season to the Kennedy center join the choral arts chorus for a concert and then chanting Christmas music featuring.

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