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Seven thousand one eight hundred the big one mike allen in baraki kleiman talk in cincinnati reds were talking fcc cincinnati and speaking of fc cincinnati at the eleven o'clock hour coming out of the news we are going to talk to pat brennan since tank wire beat at writer for fc cincinnati on their incredible win tonight but bark from cincinnati wants to talk about baseball and that's okay with me kheibar you're on newsradio 700 wow am i paid off i'm doing good how you doing good i perkup order braille one thing know the timing of hiring of or no either about any baseball player identified the fact that his name at green because the bag will find aging go he aircraft for our our franchise i mean per any was wealth fokin always a good guy always ever had any issued an appeal off the field great person donald so i had to switch here because obvious feet gobble up to wonder why nobody look maybe a little more north her for like word we play the more more awaiting a road road on seventy five vertical water in and out of there even get round to seventy five of the where is their aim pot what you think that if he did i am aware outside of newport which you would be a traffic watt gridlock the boy you know what that's a really good point now force for mall as i understand it i think there's only one tenant left out there men at one time that place was a big deal you know what i mean it's it's accessible all too dayton i mean it's everybody if you hugh royer so much property around there they think it does over multiple places that make something happen they're here i mean we put all of our stadiums up in that area and you right part i mean you know i don't know how jr but you may recall courtier those of you remember a little bit of it the big hubbub great american ballpark many people wanted to put it where the the jack casino is now in an attempt to revive over the ride i just i think there's a certain lure for the riverfront for these sports teams and i'm sure i agree absolutely with that but my issue.

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