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Serious. I'm not saying you're sitting here. I'm just I'm dead serious. Like, no, this is going to go in my mix. Like, this is coming in my household, and I want all my people start drinking this very small. Now. This is this is a mission still bourbon. So here here's what we do. Yeah. Basis. Right one four five progression partner. Neil giraldo. You know, multi platinum guitar player Benetton. Yeah. Yeah. But it is in the patties from other things, and we work on projects together. We're gonna do doctor in Cleveland. Doc, you're going to do documentary about other musicians whether hoping right, right? Yeah. Yeah. Kind of spotlight. Some of the guys that that were telling that never made it out, but as low as vision who were you know, the fifty Hinds Asbury. Bunch of great music fame out our free. There's a lot of come out of. Generally. So it's got to talk about the route. So we're gonna do this documentary touring the island. So the he this little thing we donated keyboards phones, he wrote Rockall hall of fame sipping you're sitting at the time. Yeah. I drink a lot. Yeah. But I I really, but without so I said, I get a spirit sponsor for the documentary. He said what if we created.

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