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Sharing and provocative thought in thinking. About what conversation. Should we be having right now? Beyond the obvious topics around health. I immediately thought about the data. We are seeing around the supply and demand shocks the supply chain and of course Amazon which is playing a central role. Once I had that in mind the guests were really obvious choices and they graciously gave their time on short notice to have this conversation for all of our benefit. So we definitely appreciate that. Ronnie Mola is the data reporter for recode. And Vox where she writes about tack and how data sheds light on what is really going on. There's few times where that's more important than right now. Also with his David Watkins. He's an expert in the global consumer electronics supply chain from China South Asia to the Pacific Rim factories all the way forward to the western markets among the sectors. He covers his. An analyst is also smart speakers who has particular insight there and we have been Fox Ruben. He's the lead reporter on Amazon for C. Net. I've had several great conversations in the past about Amazon and the company's playing a particularly outsize role right now in managing the daily surge online shopping. And that's moved online is people have moved inside to shelter in place. Next up is a forty five minute discussion. We had a March nineteen twenty twenty in the thick of the early weeks of the covy nineteen pandemic. Let's get started. Who wrote all.

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