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Right. So metropolis on KCRW on Jason Bentley. Well, flu is back. He's issued a mix tape. The return of flu grad track was called vitality. So it's just something an excerpt from his new release. Before that we heard from member let's called school's out. Christine and the queens with come see getting a Steffi, remix Coachella and also Santa Barbara bowl with blood, orange your chance to see Christine and the queens live. Music from inner city with big fund. That's a new issue of this classic house record from inner city. I think to celebrate thirty years. Since the release of silly one of the most successful and influential dance records out of Detroit's early techno scene. Inner city. Qantas has a new single with remixes. Also, Atlantic oscillations is name of its. And also word of a quantity DJ tour. Saron day. Well. It's called Moyal, mama. New from surrounding. Gut feeling with you Qatar. Kenny summits version, that's new. Phil weeks with I don't care. Young and sick to begin the sets. That's a new way..

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