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They're already turning on him. They'll try somebody else. And he won't be any better and they're just gonna have to deal with the fact. They're going to have a young quarterback this year. No matter what his name are we gonna see quinny. Quinn yours yours. I don't think this year. I've got some garbage time. Second half the even dress. Has you dressed up. I e warmed up. I don't think he was in full gear though. Okay well it's still got mcchord. They got other guys man look again like they twenty one but they davis bren. Threw for four hundred twenty yards against that. I mean but trevy on hundreds and two hundred seven. He's one of the bus running backs in the nation's asked him he's fantastic. Today you can see that coming from. Sometimes i mean talking about the acc. To oh. i think they might be the worst conference right now. At least power five. Yeah i i don't know shakes twelve's awful but oregon has organ. Hold it up. Oklahoma's holding up big twelve. And they're not holding up very high like an clemson is texas. Getting killed by arkansas. Didn't clemson was even remotely close attackers embarrassing. They looked so bad. Jay phillips oh yeah it is and when you start following those trails you you go from clemson beating georgia tech by six to georgia tech northern illinois to northern illinois losing to michigan sixty. Three ten rails. And you lost that. You're seeing but soon we'll check trails will be playing conference games and everything would be good All right we're about to do shit list. I think i mean my can. We just have a unanimous shit list. No no i want. You ought to vote on yours. Let's who won the weekend. Who lost weekend and shitless. But what i wanna do. I wanna just go look at forged a real quick look ahead. Well we got. We got notre dame wisconsin. Oh that's in chicago there. Everybody every day the fox show. I don't know what it's called big big lobby. They're not ours is going to be the types of them arkan's. Ucla stanford tennessee florida. Yep it's not the greatest slate but you know we've had West virginia oklahoma. That'd be a good. i don't know. Does she end this duke. That's going to be at. nc state. now. I mean that's not. That's not awful ruckers michigan week so not not a great late iowa. They some. i'll tell you. Y wisconsin notre dame soldier. Field is going to be awesome tennessee florida game. Kansas state oklahoma state. That's a nike name Doing right now. Boys is that came over. oklahoma state. Beat boise twenty one and twenty. But they they got. They got the hose interstate three now. Oklahoma state three now sneaky. Good game nebraska's at michigan state next week. If nebraska's that could be interesting kentucky south carolina start. Sec play next week west. Virginia oklahoma like you said texas tech kinda yes. sure sure. Sure north carolina's at georgia tech. You should when that one pretty texas tech is undefeated. Here's a guy that em's me after every texas tech game and says one in two in three now so yeah it's probably the same guy. Shut up you probably listening to us. Who won the weekend starting with the beautiful and talented. Casey smith thank you. I totally thought you were going to joke about that. Starting to be clever. Why have two but the two most obvious. they're chuck. I mean. I think. I think florida while they lost the game. I think they definitely made a case. But i'm gonna say penn state penn state is the easiest answer You know they. It was the prime time game like you said. The crowd looked awesome. They a big ten team beating an sec team. I think that now looking you know we talk about how like the fans seem to not like james franklin which i guess angered some penn state fans. 'cause they're treating him today like if you're a penn state fan right now after starting owen. Five and twenty twenty. And what they're doing. You have to be super excited. So i'm gonna say penn state and i know that's chuck the answer though. I don't really understand like thought. Kiro florida 'cause they say so. I really don't know maybe cincinnati that they were able to save of oklahoma like nobody was real impressive in the top. Ten but penn state penn state wins the prime time showcase. And i don't even know if you can say that just one this week like i feel like you've you took the one weeks one through three. They are the state. Maybe iowa iwa jumping all the way up to five. I say one of those two teams would be the winners of the first week. But this way. I would definitely say penn state won this week no-doubt and you talk about any through the first three weeks. Two of the most exciting games. We've seen our penn state games. The penn state wisconsin game was well. It was a gross game but it was exciting tonight very very much show but again just just the the or around that program seems to be pretty positive right now so i don't know how you couldn't pick them to y'all have anybody else I say to for now. We're back to being bad pens. Date people who were in the stands. You can witness a boyd out in person. And the second which you touched on earlier brandon about alabama looking non untouchable just like sports are better when the teams of the top is more of them. So there's more variability that's a word. I don't think it. I don't think it is but you know what you know what i mean. Perhaps what you marry ability. We'll figure that out later. But just more variety yes schmidt alrighty code fbi cap. Is anybody else. I think college football fans on the weekend because we saw that alabama dominant clemson isn't dominant. Ohio state is not dominant. We saw that. The teams are typically at the top Are not great so are not great but like their beatable so yeah that kinda yeah all who lost the weekend officials. I'm you say it. You did what we'll talk move very taught me says who lost me. I'm i mean that's what i don't want the -ficiating but like offense you did because i had today was my realization to today. Was the day that somebody holds the mirror up and says everything dream the off season everything you hoped if you wish everything you wanted. You can't have it because your fan. You can't have this isn't for you. This is for alabama this for everybody else and it sucks but every fan base will have to come to that realization. This guys might go. Eleven to one twelve and one but at some point unless you win the national title. You're going to rely. this ain't for me. I have said this and we've all said this that. At the end of every season of every sport there is only one fan base that has happy out of however many there are in the league and for college football every single year. Only one fan base is going to be happy. That is it. You just happen to have your moment in week three. I might have my moment another week. I hope not but hey if it happens. It doesn't matter. How about fifty if be by the officials matter. You're still gonna have it. You have it. So i say the reason with all love and due respect you lost because you were laying on the floor on the patio of the house. Oh there another announcement from the officials a yeah we fucked up all of them after the game said you know what we fucked up..

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