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Of course, radio dot com and serious except Channel 206 Take this would be an interesting conversation. And we're joined now by Sam Macho and he's an author. He's a He's a linebacker. He's an interesting guy. You know, the Accio crew, the actual family and Sanders with this here, Tio, start our number two up San Kiki and Tierney. How you doing today, buddy? What's happening? Tom Grace, fellas. Y'all doing man doing real well, and I say we see your book is coming out today, and I'm really interested. You know you're free agent linebacker right now. Just reading an article about how A lot of you. You guys, You struggled this offseason to find work. Probably because you couldn't go see anybody on We'll get into that in a second. But your book let the world see you is the title Lovett. What prompted you to write this book? I mean, you're young man. What's the message? Yeah, well, this the message of the book, It's simple. It's the fact that we are more than meets the eye. This book is really about what it means to show people who you really are, whether as an athlete or an artist or a mom or Ah, husband, whatever the things that make you who you are talking about what it means to be seen. That's really the core of this book. Often people But get put into boxes, right? We're football player. You're Ah, you're this You're that It's like no, you are so much more than meets the eye. So it's about what it means to be seen and then to be known, And then lastly, Most importantly, to be loved. So this so this isn't a spaces in a sports book, per se. I mean, this is this is about this is a deeper understanding of an individual. Itjust helps that you used to play football and it gives you a platform to jump off from is that is that is that how I should read it. Absolutely, yes, Not that It's not a sports book, in all, its really a book about emotions. And why do we hide and one of the things that we hide from? And how do you learn how to deal with things like you talk about, you know, anxiety in shame and fear and doubt. And the freedom that can come when you let the world see you. It's funny. I used to always hide right as a little kid. 13 years old, not even had to go through. Remember getting made fun of getting talked about advocated 13 year old and I remember I would going out would hide in the bathroom stall. Because I don't want to get laughed at made fun of, and it was like a once a week being at our church group we're going to and and I would go on out hide a bigger church. We goto and so every every week that became a scene. And so now, 31 32 years old. I'm not hiding in bathroom stalls, I would catch myself. Hiding within myself out of my teammates, right? You know, I'm a Christian, right? So God save me Get mad, They would say, Well, Sam, your Christian Christian supposed to get angry. What do you do it that a curse? What? I just heard what's going on, and I didn't know what to do. I didn't know howto reacted obviously football, the physical sport field of competitors, and so I would just hide. I wouldn't show people. My anger wouldn't show them my You know my sadness fear But what happens is when you cut off one emotion. You cut them all off there. You can't decide what emotions you show. So it wasn't until I got to a point where I was sitting down with a friend a week before training camp. And I think I just enough was enough, right? The weight of the pressure I've been trying to put on myself to put on these figurative. Matt was it couldn't handle any more, and I found myself. In tears myself in tears and one of my friends before training camp. He looks at me..

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