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I, if we are to scale down our approach to incarceration, I can't even put into words how much money that will save us. And those are resources that could go to things like victim support, even sometimes victims security. If you've been stalk. By someone and we're not going to imprison that person. Let's let's talk about how we can keep you feeling safe and keep you actually safe with that person not incarcerated for some period of time. You know, I think there are ways to better serve victims in the process than what we're doing today to especially because today, if if that's stalker is sitting in prison, continuing to fixate on you as victim and eventually is released. No-one served by that and I'm just using stalking as one example of many obviously. But I, but I've been thinking a lot about that victim perspective and it is an important one in one I don't wanna leave behind in the conversation. Yeah, I think it's really hard and that's why I kind of brought up the. We're not just talking about non violent drug offenders here. We have to really think hard about what this means for violent crime, how we want to treat people who commit violent crime. How we think about those people. I was just noticing. I think I'm going to watch it. I'm at, I'll be intrigued to see if any of our listeners have watched it. I, it's. A new Netflix show, or they're talking to men who committed murder in berry, like sort of in-depth ways to hear their stories. I think it really honestly to the way you think about present and crime, whether you're a victim or not is a lot is very predictive on sort of how you see the world. Do you see the world an into an individual's place in it as all choice? Because I feel like I have conversation with family members that they just feel like everybody's just making their own individual choices in everybody can choose better in a given moment. That's not personally how I see the world. You know, I don't see. I don't see us as just everybody's an island making their own choices. I feel see us as individuals doing the best we can and incredibly diverse array of circumstances as players and complex systems that we don't make the rules for that sort of outlook and philosophy plays a lot in how you feel about this too. I think that's well said, and it's something that I think about a lot too because I tend toward whatever the environmental systemic factors are. We are still responsible for our own choices. And that is my main objection to the the system of incarceration. It deprives everyone of the agency to do better. You know, I think a lot about that saying and I won't get it exactly. Right. Probably because I've put my own spin on it somewhere along the way about how most people need a place to call home an experience, a meaningful experience of love and meaningful work to do. And I think that's what most people really do need. And our prison system takes people who weren't getting those things anyway. Probably most of the time and says, you're never going to have them. What do we think is going to come of that? Yeah. All right. Shifting dramatically to Tuesday's elections. We had a special election, Ohio, which my favorite point was what a giant waste of money since these days are just dudes are going to just have to turn around and run run against each other in November. And then we had primaries in Kansas and Michigan. Am I missing anything? Missouri. Oh, Yamazoe are-. Missouri. Well, first and foremost, the one I most excited about is friend of the pot and my longtime friend from way way back the Hillary Clinton campaign. Hayley Stevens won her primary Michigan. Yeah. Hey, congratulations. Haley. I have no doubt. She's in a win the election and be like the most fabulous congresswoman. I'm so excited. I was really interested in watching the Kansas race between the two gentleman named Ron. ESTES, which my husband and I were laughing about how that kind of takes the race between two Stacy's that we were very excited about in a Holden. But the incumbent Ron, ESTES defeated his challenger. What I think is so bananas right now is this gubernatorial primary where crisco Bach is going to have to oversee the process of a recount in his own election comb on..

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