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Appreciation for other great play by play against well first of all thank you and secondly absolutely and and that's I mean that's a legendary call by yeah the great John will determine who is I think is our roads and kind of he's on vacation he's interrupting it for us but wanted to announce today that Black Hawk single game season ticket sales goal is there starts today noon today not because morning Mr Waterman morning Steve yeah I am joining you from the mountains of western Pennsylvania are you in the morning your name is thrown around there Broadway Joe and I are having coffee in just a you know catching up shoot the breeze as to why these false beaver falls right nobody pronounces more difficult names in a sports and then John Wiedeman so what's the secret is there's more northern Europeans of come into the game you have to do extra prep time you know what Steve that that is a really I'm poignant question I think based our discussion this morning because the Blackhawks have made some trades during the off season and if I have the time I'm I'm gonna try to get to those a little bit but my message is I go down and during the morning skate and I walk up and I introduced myself to the player okay if I'm looking at the rate that the from looking at the roster looking at the line up on the game notes and I see a name that potentially is going to be very difficult to pronounce like I can't just let it roll off my tongue immediately right there I think okay I've got to go talk to this guy and find out how he says his last name okay and that to me is it that that's the key some broadcasters don't do that they just they just say it the way they think and they hope that they're right and then they find out later it's it's pronounced completely differently from that and then you know maybe they feel foolish maybe they don't I don't know but you also have to remember that there are circumstances that sometimes don't allow you to get down and speak to the player as an example we got six preseason games coming up and if you don't have time during the morning skate to go down and introduce yourself and phonetically get the correct pronunciation you have to wing it so we just do your best and in time you find out how it's pronounced and just like everybody else your role but what you're describing is going to produce and that's one of the reasons he respected at the highest level and you should be thank you because you know if your guys it's gotta go Gustafson the Caligula to Dahlstrom to crop my head by the way to deal with it home towns have you looked at only mine is hometown in Finland what is it I'm I'm at a loss is a teacher okay it is J. Y. V. A. S. K. Y. L. A. your muscala they got yeah that's it yeah I grew up around San landers I think the pronunciations close I don't know if that got a baby of Aeschylus and read to me because it was a soft Jay in the Finnish language yeah you're probably right on all right so let's talk about some of these moves that have been made what excited about well I'm I'm excited about the number of moves and the quality of the most I'm gonna start at the top with our first round draft pick could be doc is an eighteen year old kid he's a great big stud sentiment skews me six four hundred and almost two hundred pounds great hands great playmaking ability he plays with a little bit of an edge he's going to remind people of players like Ryan get slapped for March I fully of the Winnipeg Jets big tough center like that are related to a lesser extent maybe Carter in LA Jeff Carter but similar type of player so he would be the kind of a guy that hold on to the pocket you'll wait for that perfect pass and then he'll try and make it in junior he was known as a playmaker but he also scored big goals and he wins faceoffs so he's going to get Jonathan taste some relief at the face off that and in time steam you know he's eighteen right now roll the clock ahead seven years he may end up as the Blackhawks first line center you just you just you can't project that but you know you can you can take it anyway impressed with him when he was in here yeah yeah he's sid the kid is I I'm I'm very very happy with that pick a lot of people in the black ops world felt that the teachers selected defenseman born Byrom that would have been a bad pick but if you need help at center and you need it either immediately or in the coming years then I think doc was the perfect pick at number three and then the Blackhawks this symbol made a couple trades during the offseason Sachs Smith the sentiment from Ottawa who brings an edge to his game he needs a change of scenery and I think Zak is gonna love playing in Chicago you mentioned the only model defenseman from Pittsburgh whose specialty is killing penalties and you take a look at where the penalty kill finished last year I think that was a very good trade they also acquired a defenseman Calvin de Haan from Carolina who plays a similar game to Nicolas charmer son who was with a black market several years back obviously they also traded during last season this one's a little bit under the radar but I want to mention it Dominic coupon leak try and remember that name Dominic who by leak he he was traded from Los Angeles Kings to the Blackhawks last season for I believe was a first round pick ball league was playing in Europe the last couple years he played first Swiss team last year led the league in scoring and he's going to remind people the way he skates and handles the pocket shoots of Marian Gaborik and Marian Gaborik was a phenomenal player so the Blackhawks may have stole that guy away from the kings and then into shock returns from up here you know set and shot back in the fold I don't think you ever want to leave Chicago so he's back and then the two free agent acquisitions Ryan carpenter a great third fourth line player who's going to kill penalties and hit when faceoffs as well from Vegas and then the goaltender robin liner as insurance for Corey Crawford I think Stan Bowman did a phenomenal job during the season getting the right pieces couldn't agree more G. say hi to our friend John Wiedeman you're gonna get to know Jesus Mister John Weidemann hello how are you I'm doing fantastic the day is a sports fan but she is open to learning more about game is there anything about hockey you'd like to know from John Wadham I love everything about hockey I mean I just I think it's amazing that does I have a hard time just watching the puck but I love the crashing bodies into the glass how do you feel about tape to tape passes to line passes taped it I think that I think it's good to have two tapes that's been tactic the better if I can offer you some assistance here so that you can help to help you appreciate the game a little more the twenty four days training camp is going to start so you could get down there and watch training camp and you know absorb a little of that knowledge forty five days from now the team is going to open up play in the season in Prague in the Czech Republic in a game against the Philadelphia flyers and fifty one days from now the Blackhawks will have their home opener against the San Jose Sharks at the United center so there's a couple of opportunities right there too connected to the game and absorb the knowledge as you speak as you speak you know it's not a a number I can see the numbers and nine nine a number nine sweater and official Black Hawk Indian Head sweater the navy AG Sergei yeah on the back you are now an official member of the Chicago Blackhawks WGN family I am so.

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