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That draws me in and having just watched all The Beatles stuff in a documentary. I was reminded of that. Growing up in New York and stuff in here in that X and knowing only that accent, but hearing then a British accent people speaking different way. Intonation in singing can come out in many ways and for her well she beautiful voice, beautiful intonation, but then there's also that accent that helps. It gives a different color to the songs for sure. But I don't know, listening to this, and this may happen several times during the taping of the show where I say the album. No, where as soon as you hit play on her, I got, yeah, definitely my album album of the year. But I will say you and I have to listen to a lot of music every year. We get to listen to a lot of music. We don't get a lot of time to just camp out with anyone record that man. If I could just camp out with one record this year, it would have been this one. And for those who have never seen it, there is a wonderful tiny desk concert home concert that we did with her in 2020 before this album came out really worth a watch and you get an insight into her personality. That's our little parks and number 17 album on our listener picks. Collapsed into some beams. And number 16 is church's album screen violence. It's a fourth album. And another one of those records it's a product of the pandemic. And we'll see that a lot through our list and a lot through our listening. People figuring out ways to record in this case across oceans between Glasgow and LA and figuring out how to make those things happen. It's both challenging and kind of very, very rewarding when you can make that stuff happen. Yeah, that's definitely where they landed with this one. It kind of a concept album as the name suggests with the word screen in the title. It's kind of a record about how we've been living our lives this past year and a half mostly through screens and what that sort of done to our state of mind. I'm glad you turned your camera off. No, I don't like looking at anybody. I'm going to do these shows. It's much better. That works as well. Anyway, number 16 is from church's screen violence. And number 15, here's a group that didn't have to look at each other through screens because they lived together. The music of low, the music of Alan sparhawk and Mimi Parker. They've been making music together for what a quarter of a century. Almost 30 years since their first record came out. I mean, it's incredible. And so adventurous, right? This record, I think it's where it is. Number 15 on our list because it was such a cool sounding album. Well, that's the thing. They've been doing this so long, but they keep coming up with a world of sound that I feel like I've never heard before. And that's what they do in this record. It's just incredible. Very cool sounding records. Engineered by this fellow named BJ Burton, a name. Some of us might not bony Vera, but lots of other projects. And he was nominated for best engineer for a non classical album. We should listen to some of that, right? What do you want to play? Let's hear a little bit of the.

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