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Good and and besides You know the facial faces not washed as much. It's just keep the mask on all the time and they call it a mask knee and it comes and they know what it comes from clogs pours in sort of like the problem of acne That would be a different cause but it's just aggravates that so that You wonder about the treatment would be too difficult. Get rid of the mask and let people wash your face. More often would work well. I guess it'll be wanting to want do one more but this is close to asimov. Do i clip even so this one had to do with dermatologists Deal with us because it's just outside the out but the dentist have to put up They call it mask mouth. And because the Bacteria mouse changes. There's more ginger vitus and they and more tooth decay. And they claim there's somebody put a study says there's a fifty percent increase of dealing with ginger vitus and tooth decay and that remains to be seen. Just how serious it is. But i think people who know a little bit about mask. I'm not surprised. So i would like to get more denis Speaking out and saying you know it seems so crazy. Going to the dentist are you. Well do i wear my mask to to your dentist yes. You can't come in unless you have a mask and you're going to the dentist and how about going to the pulmonologist. You have a pulmonary disease. Yes you can't come unless you're hitting your breathing with a mask but anyway. I think i'm about finish there. Have your closing statement. I'm sure they probably have a fact checker to say that's not true. Find someone to do anything. But now i was just gonna close by something that i do talk about fairly often. Which is that. we obviously fact. Checkers are out there with their own agendas but we do want to be able to keep in touch in case something happens or if we decide to do something different or for go to another platform. Which we've we've adopted some other platforms. I think our show is on Library now it's on Several other bit shoot and other places so but we want to be able to keep in touch. And i'm going to put the lincoln the description. But just go to ron paul institute dot org and sign up for updates We don't bother you. We don't out stuff all the time..

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