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Who should host Steve Inskeep joins us to talk about covering president trump's impeachment then we'll hear about his new book in perfect union it tells the story of political activists Jesse and John Fremont a couple who explored and mapped the American west of the eighteen hundreds then at ten fifty seven Cisco forty Niners are one game away from the Super Bowl they compete with the Green Bay Packers in their first NFC championship game in seven years we'll talk with the chronicles and killing about this year's team and their chances going into Sunday's game that's all next after this new live from NPR news in Washington I'm Lakshmi saying the U. S. Senate has accepted the articles of impeachment of president trump and peers quality grease Alice reports this move triggers a start of trump's trial after he was accused of leveraging hundreds of millions in military aid to Ukraine to pressure the U. S. ally to help him politically Adam Schiff the chairman of the house intelligence committee led the impeachment manager team in presenting the articles to the Senate using the powers of his I. office president trump solicited the interference of a foreign government Ukraine in the twenty twenty United States presidential election the Chief Justice of the United States is being sworn end and will in turn swear in the full chamber of senators who will act as jurors the senators must sit in silence and without their electronic devices for the duration of the trial the proceedings are slated to start on Tuesday could last several weeks cloudy salicin peer news the capitol meanwhile Ukrainian police have announced they are investigating whether a US ambassador was under illegal surveillance last spring before the trump administration remove her from a post over Ukraine says its position is not to interfere in the US is internal political affairs the president's marking national religious freedom day with a reminder the public school students have constitutional rights to prayer and they could risk losing federal funds if those rights are not protected and peers record on yes reports the White House says it's not changing existing laws were plans to update those already on the books president trump will host a group of Christian Jewish and Muslim students who say they face discrimination at school in an exclusive interview with NPR the director of the White House domestic policy council Joe Grogan said provisions that protects student prayer have been eroded over time by hostility toward religion or trying across the board to invite religious institutions and people of faith back into the public square and say look your views are just as valid as anybody else's and by the way they're protected by the first amendment to the constitution the event comes as trump works to boost support among evangelical Christians before the twenty twenty election Franco or Dona as NPR news the White House the US Senate has overwhelmingly approved an updated trade agreement with Mexico and Canada and peers gun Horsley reports of vote follows passage in the house last month the vote in the Senate was broad and bi partisan with eighty nine senators voting in favor of the updated trade deal and just ten senators voting no that similar to the lopsided tally that the U. S. M. C. A. one in the house last month at ten P. R. Scott Horsley reporting the retail sectors coming off what one analyst called the healthy holiday season the national retail federation reporting holiday sales of twenty nineteen were more than four percent higher than the year before the retail group partly credits online sales which fared better than several major brick and mortar stores the Dow was up one hundred sixty five points this is NPR live from KQED news online Tiffany cam high twenty nineteen was the second hottest year on record according to a new report from the national oceanic and atmospheric administration here's KQ.

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