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You know and i really was entertained by that. Newsweek becomes like its own character like music becomes the narrator in some sense. I i did enjoy that but you know the one thing that i keep thinking about this episode. Is that things change on a dime in this episode. Like win a jar in her. Mother are zoned. Mother g i n the mother are having their first. Little conversation about kimchi at donald is going to be very warm and loving seen than when she says i might be will bring us honor how her mother or the mother turned on her. Very quickly was shocking to me. Every time i would warm to the mother something would happen to change that. So maybe that's something about war in this episode. That things change so so quickly. I love that you said that. Because that's exactly what happened when she was at the movie theater too like they were when they were watching the kind of propaganda cartoons. And everything's like you know. Don't resort to violence dutta and then all of a sudden like war breaks and they're like the fuck like everybody's in the theater wait. What people do look shock even when they are sending the pamphlets to them saying do not worry people are like they. Some people just want to touch the pamphlet like that will itself would be dangerous. But you know when you think about people had gone through. Fifty years of japanese oppression. I can see how everything could could have the all the editor receipts expression hines teeth or something like that. They're always on edge. And i can understand that yeah. I'm sorry i was worried because you're telling me not to worry but you have tax going through my fucking city or town and i'm like no this doesn't jive. They're like oh nothing to see here. We're here to help like okay. So let's got to. How was looking at it. You know and it's yeah it's having attack roll through a city street where you live and i tell you right now from personal experience that scares fuck.

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