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The leader of German Chancellor Angela Merkel. Bavarian sister party has denied a media report saying he would stand down from that role. Helen Seaney has the details. And this roundup of European news host Vejle fan. Who is also Germany's interior minister said the media report was a red herring. His ministry wrote on Twitter that none of the speculation or rumors on Hoffa's rollers party, chairman and interior minister could be confirmed. A spokesman for the whole I said he would make a statement about his future. After November, the twelve they hope for has long been a thorn in Chancellor Angela Merkel side and a robust critic of her twenty fifteen open doors, migrant policy. He's come under intense pressure to quit due to arguments within miracles ruling coalition and Paul regional election results in his native Bavaria for the Christian Social Union party that he leads. The Czech government will vote next week on a proposal to opt out of the United Nations migration agreement the global compact for migration was approved in July by all member nations except the United States, which was the first to say it would not join the pact Australia, Hungary, and Austria later announced they would withdraw critics say it mixes asylum seekers and economic migrants. German Chancellor Angela Merkel has praised the treaty's commitment to ending illegal and dangerous immigration. Germany played a major role in the eighteen months in negotiations that led to the final draft of the deal. It's due to be signed next month in Morocco. A French military policeman was found dead in the garden of the country's prime minister this week following an apparent suicide. The officer was a member of the prestigious Republican God, which is part of the armed forces policing branch. He was discovered in uniform beside his firearm, some twenty John Dom have reportedly committed suicide so far this year and an additional twenty four police officers have killed themselves in France since January. Last month. Two hundred officers demonstrated in Paris accusing the authorities of failing to improve their working conditions officers working at the prime minister's residence have described a deep unease over working conditions and a general fatigue and overwork investigations have been launched into the allegations. And the death of the officer. A co leader of Germany's far-right AFDC party has admitted that some members who hold particularly extreme views have been persuaded to leave in recent weeks. This comes as the party seeks to avoid monitoring by the country's domestic intelligence agency in the past few days. An internal AFDC report has surfaced calling on its members to avoid using certain highly politically charged phrases such as foreign infiltration. And if necessary inversion the reporters lead to yet more calls from across the political spectrum for the party to be monitored. The European Central Bank has revoked the license of Motors pilot US Bank, the institution has been at the center of a corruption scandal exposed by murder journalist, Daphne Caruana, deletes YoM. She was killed last October after a bomb was planted under her calm. The journalists had written an investigative blogs that accused some of Motors most prominent figures of corruption right up to prime minister Joseph Muscat, Pilates Bank is the latest you Bank to come under scrutiny over alleged corrupt payments, exposing what critics called the blocks achilles heel, namely a lack of coordinated efforts to tackle fraud. And finally a federation representing more than one hundred and forty mosques in the Netherlands has called on Twitter to block the account of anti Islam populist builders the Turkish Islamic cultural federation says it will take legal action. If the platform fails to act villas is the leader of the far-right Freedom Party. He's staunch anti Islam views and derogatory statements about immigrants have long been controversial. The federation said some builders tweets breach the guidelines of the social media platform as well as laws in several countries, including Tunisia, Pakistan, Morocco and Indonesia in a tweet last year villagers called the prophet. Muhammad, a quote paedophile mass murderer terrorist a madman Helen seen either. With the European news roundup. I'm.

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