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Welcome back to mac power users. My name is steven getting. I'm joined as always by my friend and yours. Mr david sparks. David how are you. I'm am excited stephen. We got a great show lined up. Today we do. It's one of those fun episodes where it's both topical but we also have a guest so i've been looking forward to this one. Oh what do we do today. We're talking about services and as we are working on the outline kept making notes to myself. Like i want to send an email off to south of going to ask a couple of questions about how this happened. That happened or what we can do and the list kept getting longer and longer and finally i just sent him an email like just a few days before recorded and the nicest thing happened he said. Why don't i just come on. The show actually invited show and he said i'll come on the show so welcome to the show. Hey how are you. Thank you so much for asking me on. It's so good to have you back. It's been a couple of years since you've been on the show For listeners that don't know sell. So was that i call him. The grand poobah of automation. that's the official title. But but he worked at a fruit company for many years and was one of the key. Movers behind the development of a auto the automation and the automation tools. They have an automation stuff. That was coming out of apple. And i had the pleasure when you were still there of taking the two day apple script courtroom you at macro twelve years ago when i was a longtime now okay. Sorry i didn't make you feel bad but it was so fun and i learned so much from you and then you're no along with apple now you're out and you're doing a bunch of work. Like south is one of the key. Movers behind the omni javascript. Automation move and and doing a lot of great automation stuff. We've had a lot of programmers on the show over the years. But the thing i love. That sal is sal is not a programmer. Although he can program he's an auditor he likes to create automations and would thing we're talking about. Today is feature the mac and kind of the reason. This came up stephen. I were kind of brainstorming ideas for the show. Where like you know something. Nobody really uses enough as services and And so we're gonna talk today at length about services if you've got a mac listen to the show because we're going to talk about some techniques and things you can do to to automate stuff your mac without that much work and make things like so much better and And sal you were also very involved apple with the way services evolved. that was really fun and interesting period. I in apple's history lot of change going on. It was surrounded time of snow leopard and the automation team took on the challenge of cleaning up the services architecture that we had inherited from the days of next they used to have a services menu that they still have today but it was pretty much like You know the couple was a dorm room closet full of all kinds of stuff. That was some of which was useful and we took on the challenge of cleaning that up and integrating the automation tools that we had in place automated apple script into the services architecture so that it would be contextual and so that you would have the power that you need at the point of need wherever you needed in the operating system whether it was a file in the finder or selected.

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