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18 for more information visit WTO P dot com. Search charities. Traffic and weather together on the 8s over to Joe Conway now and the WTO traffic center. Kristen will start off on the Marilyn bellway in prince George's county on the outer loop as you make the trip toward route one college park your problem is the cleanup of an earlier crash. That's along the right side of the roadway. If you're on the inner loop near route one college park, you got activity on the left side of the roadway. It's all on the shoulders of both cases, but in both cases, drawing enough distraction to cause a delay. Your lanes are available. If you're in the Montgomery county beltway heading on the adult of heading south towards the Virginia, you're slow from the big curve heading toward the American legion bridge against should be all volume, nothing reported in the roadway for you to 70, 95 new current issues report had a reported wreck on southbound two 95 approaching route 32, a detail on that just yet, but heavy delays reported from one 75 beyond that often on slow toward green belt and north Pennsylvania greenbelt toward one 97. Bay bridges, by the way, running two east and three west without delay, district no reports of any major complications on the highways usual volume delays on D.C. two 95 and on three 95, Virginia side 95 southbound, your problem is the stalled near the Prince William Parkway. It's blocking the right lane they tell us we don't have an eye on it, but we do have eyes on the delays approaching from lords and heading south to and across the aquone beyond that the pace is good northbound you're in good shape, grade shape pack and Frederick spoke to the Springfield interchange, the easy pass lanes are northbound on 95 and three 95. I'm Joe cowboy WTO traffic. And now does storm team fours Steve prince a valley. A beautiful weather weekend overall just on the warm and humid side with a chance of seeing some showers by the time we head

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