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That he has vetoed a bill that would allow the General Assembly to rescind quarantine or isolation orders from the health department. Wind, saying that Senate Bill 3 11 was simply not in the best interest of protecting the health and safety of the people in the state of Ohio supporters, though, say lawmakers would've had to say on orders that impact their liberties and lively hoods. The Senate leader told the Enquirer he has the votes to override the veto, but we'll be looking into some alternatives first. Help. Meanwhile, right around the corner is Cove in case numbers continue to surge in Kentucky, the country lost a record high number of people to covert 19 Wednesday and with 34 new death Thursday. This week, Kentucky saw its highest number of deaths We've had our three high stays. Covert fatalities all in a row. We've had 118 deaths since Monday alone. Kentucky now has over 2000 covert 19 related deaths. The positivity rate is now 10.7%. But in better news light at the end of the tunnel, just got a little bit writer. He says. The state could be vaccinating people in just a matter of weeks. We believe that we could be vaccinating people here in Kentucky. As early as December 15th just right around the corner, he says The first allocations will be sent to 11 hospitals across the state, including three and Jefferson County into and Fayette County. That's Suzanne Duval reporting Saint Elizabeth in Edgewood. Also on that list again roughly 1000 doses of the vaccine. Meanwhile, due to the influx of covert cases in northern Kentucky, Saint Elizabeth Turning three of its five urgent care centers into Cove it on Lee facilities. The idea is to keep covert and non covert patients separated from one another. The facilities in Highland Heights, Dry Ridge and Greendale, Indiana, will be converted to Cove. It only centers while Fort Thomas and Florence will.

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