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And welcome back to coast to coast, George Noory with you along with John Hoge next hour. Of course, we're gonna talk about some horror and suspense with less Clinger and Lisa Morton. So make sure you're part of the program. John did Nostradamus in his writings ever hint about extraterrestrial life or visitation or anything like that. Yeah. I think even looking at some possible things that look look at some some actual UFO events that in. I have a lot of that in my essential predominance book, which is a really great book for people who want a quick, but comprehensive read of all of the real. Wow, prophecies that he did about the past present future and the distant future. And you know, there are a lot of things that are there that talk about like some strange vehicle coming into an alien port and opening up. It's like some kind of palm fronds saying that opens up to communicate, you know, like a dish. There's there's talk about different kinds of humanoid people in the future. Like, a Merman a. He talks about he's headed humanoids. He talks about an Djelic beings that will make the human race thinks that they are the authors of a certain future war. And so, yeah, I mean, it's it's something I'm looking at deeper and deeper, I, you know, in the next two or three years I am going to completely rebuild and expand my best selling book, which is the only the second only book that completely look at all of Nassir down his proxies in the last four and a half. So that would be I mean what percent of his quad trains. Do you think you have investigated? Well, I didn't say I'm one of the few people in the last four and a half centuries is investigated in everything you did it all and it's a quite a herculean. Oh my God. It's huge. There's fifteen hundred separate versus if you count some of the verses from the almanacs is also prophetic narratives, prose narratives, he started publishing. His almanac. Prophecies in eighteen and fifteen fifty. You know, this is like five years before he produced his magnum opus the prophecies which looks at the history of the future. And I'm actually looking at collecting everything that I've said it in into to seven hundred fifty pages volumes. Wow. Did he did he do this in a trance State, John? Or was he in a dream state? How did he do these prophetic quadrants, although somebody earlier talked about the same as hydro man take using the bowl of water, and the Hollywood is actually emphasized that Moore? I'm unfortunately, I'm partly responsible for that. Because I started I turned them onto it. And when I started doing TV back in nineteen eighty seven the re-enactors. But but the the fact is that Saddam is fundamentally was a Chandler. If you use the modern vulgar term, he was a he actually conjured spirits of the Laura astral and the different planes, and he had different kind of classical metaphor names for it. But essentially, he was a fellow who channel spirits, and and conjured them into his magic study, and he also use the grim Juarez magical books of. Solomon King Solomon, which in the bible was also someone who was allowed the gift by God to to actually force demons, and as well as more and Djelic people to aid him in his magic, and Saddam is clearly shows a sign that he had the grim wires that and the end Lucas's mysterious agent Taurean, which looked at all kinds of Chaldean Babylonian and Greek and you'll platinum's magic. 'cause he quotes it the Latin translation of that by Fucino verbatim. So we know he has a copy, and he did not go I would contend as some scholars industrial dominance. Do. He did not travel all over the Mediterranean to collect all this stuff. He did not get to the holy land. He only needed to go as far as the city. They absolutely hated Marseille. That back, but he was there because there's where all the books came from all over the Mediterranean, if you're a book fan like he was and books were rare. You you could only find them in this ultimate port Mediterranean. Port of France. All right. Let's go to some final calls in Newport Beach, California, west of the Rockies, John you're on with us. Go ahead. You there? I can't we're gonna have Gina check that line for you. It's if we can get a better one way better connection, let's go to David one Santa Cruz, California. Hi, David, go ahead. Thanks for taking my call. Sure thing. Say listening to your guest. Oh, I wanted to ask him. I I first of all think that the human race has lost its fine. It has lost its courage. It's one of those things you can't be taught. And. What can we do to bring back the courage? We used to have on our forefathers day, for example. We all think we're so free. Embrace comes in with different names. He this guy calls every talk show on the planet. And gets through. He's got a different name all the time. You know, it's got them for the tribe. But I mean, he he does he does have a point that I resume with. And that is you know, how do we find our spine? And you know, sometimes, you know, only a coward can become brave. So firstly have to confront the coward. I would suggest and then you find your courage. There's a lot of things in the next ten years human beings, collectively and individually are going to have to confront about the spine. We need to have to deal with the challenges the ultimate challenges of the human race, the twenty twenties or gonna be the most significant decade in human history. And hopefully it if we do it, right? We will have a future history after it. Gina tells me John Newport Beach has got a better connection. So let's give them a try. Go ahead. John. So there you go. Yes. Okay. Listen, I am there'd be. There'd be. Understand. We're.

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