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A scrape by with a split against detroit. But they win that game today and is always nice to visit with you. How are things going. Great dan and you know there were also past the point now where there's about three weeks left in the minor league system and as we talked about last time the cardinals will bring up a couple of players potentially from the minor leagues. Although one of those spots might be dakota hudson. Return for example. Yeah that'd be interesting. How do you think they handled that in terms of they're not just going to throw them live into major league action. Where do you think he starts in how that works. Well a lot depends on the cardinals. Loton starwood minorly rehabs down in jupiter. And that's where the cut because hudson is. I saw him actually throw down there last week. so he maybe he appears in a game with palm beach or two and then you know the other places that they play will depend on which teams are at home. 'cause they liked the cardinals to control the environment. So if memphis is on the road and shrink yields at home they might add springfield or vice versa. Or maybe even go to peoria. But i think given it hudson's probably gonna throw just an inning or two here and there. They probably won't need a lot of rehab for him a given that he's been ramping up his workload for some time. Now it'd be interesting to see in terms of catching now that it's official yada. Your molina comes out yesterday. Signs a one year extension then today says next year is it. I am done with being a player in baseball. He's going to retire. It does make it interesting. The immediate future's of andrew kisner and avante harare. How is harare. Been fearing here. As of late borough started the season age twenty and was challenged a aa for the first time. So he's you know he's been young for his levels his whole career. He turned twenty one. In the beginning.

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