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To be moved over here from now. Denia men all the audio visual and a lot of equipment comes in your and a huge chance at all. Three thousand people a lot of the events that take place. They're they're they're huge and we've managed to dodge the rain just about every time that we had the celebration. I don't know what we'd do rain. We'd just people come to the Superman celebration and it does. Rain is getting under a copy of a building on Market Street and wait for it to stop reading and they're back at it again. They don't all I'll at southern Illinois so if you don't like the weather wait administration will exactly like okay so I'm living in Ohio You know like we refer to the birth of Superman because you know my was at two years ago. The Cleveland Museum did a huge thing. The Cleveland Library called from Krypton from Cleveland to Krypton and they had artifacts in every from that and I really wanted to. I was in Cleveland Superman and we did the parade and had Exhibition Center there. And we did what or days of described before my dad came to metropolis into Joe. Museum in. Cleveland was the goal. It's crazy that Cleveland hasn't embraced it as much as they get so big. That is so spread out been difficult difficult. Many trawlers were all of a sudden. You said the doors opened the and you're they're in whereas that here. You said that Cleveland then. They go aluminum tears.

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