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On their percentage of runs of fifteen plus miles per hour topping. That list was Lamar Jackson followed by nine running backs one glaring omission from the top. Ten was cowboys running. Back Ezekiel Elliott. First of all while. Lamar but Shannon. How do you explain this week off the list? Because I've really never looked at the as a as an explosive running back skip. I think the thing is for you is that you haven't gotten over what you saw when you that'll high state and especially what he did in the south for year over the last board game you fell in love being. And you've been smitten with Zeke Elliot. And his running style ever since then skewed. There've been very few bites in. Nfl history could wear you down. Carried the ball twenty five. Thirty five putting dirt. Ingo eighty plus the only ones off. The top of my head of Adrian Peterson Dickinson. I'm talking about bail. Bax Caria twenty-five thirty time and then boom they can go sixty yard. Well always give only really wasn't a Bell Cow Back L. O. J. A slippery slider Adrian. Peterson's get ready to contact you know. I'm surprised that he's been able to be successful as he has with his running style. Adrian Peterson still can go get you one hundred yards off given Sunday. So when I look at Zeke's skip in two thousand fifteen his rookie season. He ate raw the twenty five yards or more and twenty seventeen. It was seven. I mean poor but remembers give. He missed what six games okay so they might have been the same thing. Last year. He led the League. What other twenty four twenty five yard? This either twenty four Four runs twenty five yard. Skip I don't look at him. I don't look at him as a guy that tickets putting the dirt and get going like fake one for you. You talk about Saquon because they want like one yard to yard. He picky fat. But you won't that from Z. Zeke pound guy three yard here or yards there. Two Yard chain Dr One. That's that's what he is. He's not that guy. Skipped that stick as putting the dirt and can get hit his head on the goal posts. And so for me skipper. What I look at the I look at him as a bail cow back. He's thirty he's just gonNA wear you down. But you're expecting to see Zeke that you saw higher status sideboard season especially over the last four game skid. That guy ain't coming back as over that guy that guy is not coming back Shannon. He four seven at the combine. He goes to twenty five was I thought era dickerson or at least a reasonable belief. I thought Oh Jay was more of a bell cow back. Because he's I ever go and fourteen games over two thousand yards. Yeah But O. J. Was to twenty five and could run. I don't know what he ever time but he was four mighty been four three Eric. Dickerson ran leave. Yeah there you go so again were Eric in. Oj At their peak. Faster than Zeke. Yes they were there. All about there in the ballpark of the same size. As far as weight does they're built differently both. Oj and Eric are built taller. And longer than Zeke. Who's stouter but the point is I saw burst his rookie year. Even though he only played what was games his second year I saw flashes of Dash. I saw home run hitter. I saw a guy in his first two. Nfl Seasons Shannon. Who would have been at or at least near the top of this list if it had been made at those points in his career. It horrifies me to say as I told you and again I I guess this I'm not twenty twenty hindsight. I didn't see it last year the way I saw before my line do you constantly. My refrain on the show was he. Looks like he's still running in Kabo sand because he was training down in Kabul on Lucas. Obviously he came back and Jerry Jones caved in and gave him his ninety million dollars in. I believe it's stories and analyses like this one that that make Jerry feel like he does occasionally when he stays all night as he calls it Honky Chongqing when he comes in and he's hadn't slept and he's feeling a little queasy and his heads throbbing. It may be needs excedrin or tylenol. And that's how this is making him. Feel because Zeke just wasn't quite right and my stats are a little different than ones you use. But I'll go to different areas. There are ten coast yard runs and twenty plus yard runs and the tens if we take his full seasons. We discount twenty seventeen but we go the ten yard runs. He had forty eight when he was a rookie. That's really good then. Forty one the next full season two thousand eighteen and last year down to thirty eight not terrible but you see a little decline and then in twenty plus yard runs in fourteen when he was a rookie then eleven in two thousand eighteen and all the way down to only four last year from fourteen is a rookie to four twenty. Plus Yard runs not write something. Amiss here in told you this before and again I love the Guy. I'm just I'm just trying to call the facts the facts but if you look at his yards per game they have declined all four years so it doesn't matter how many games you played in two thousand seventeen just going yards per contest per football game and he had hundred nine yards a game as a rookie out of work. Then it goes down to ninety eight ninety six and last year eighty five which was obviously his career low. Okay so we're going a little bit a little bit a little bit a little bit more and I don't know is starting to already sort of fade out. We know what was the old cliche number that we used to hear about the running back position. The shelf life of a running back in the national football league. I've heard this for like thirty. Years is two point. Five years. Welcome did he did his shelf life. Start to run out. I don't know how could he not even make this list? How could he not make it over number ten Chris Carson? Who GOT HER UP IN SEATTLE? Last year's you know but really Zeke over Chris Carson. I don't know todd. Gurley was just a shell of himself. He's eight on this list. And I can just keep going backwards and say really Philip. Lindsey I I like him I like him. I know he's a little quicker. It has little better burst. But he's he can run. No I got an area Jones. I told you last year. He was more valuable than Aaron Rodgers. But but still. This is Zeke. We're talking about. I think the thing is. Is that as you as you mentioned as the gold here here here we that passing ear ear ear. So you can't have the running back goal here here here and in quarterback goal here here here. Something's going to have to remember that betray that we just talked about the last segment. If Nick was running the ball we think. Is those targets for those outside receivers..

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