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He might work out. What's I think what's his arm is strong. It's very very strong that that's not going to be the problem. The problem is going to be getting in the time to to get those deep patterns which which is a question of poke both protection and identification. He's got to see where those mismatches are going to be and where the guy that he's going to have to look for is and then he's going. You have to check down and in preseason. It seemed to me that check downs were the problem because he was having trouble. Identify secondary receivers yet at a slow the process of moving from the second to the third option that will come with time obviously but the question is whether his lied is going to give him that time to do it. I think garrison is going to be in for a really tough sees a one movie. Mike quarterback tipping and Cam Newton because that's been another substantial story I think in in the off season the Carolina Carolina Panthers quarterback of course here is blows hot and cold goes from an MVP level season to to not and and he's a colorful character off off the field no doubt about that but there's a lot of concern surrounding his shoulder and he's had two surgeries in two years and some rumblings suggests that he's it's not in good shape at all and as a result the panthers season could become derailed as a result. What do you think's GonNa Happen there. How will that play out. Well you know Oh cam is basically the same age Andrew Luck and when I wrote a preview of the season my preview for Carolina could've left it at two words cab shoulder which is all we'll choose to lead and the key in the end he was he was obviously limited. Last year the the second half of the season he just could throw the ball and you can't you can't get by with a quarterback who can't throw the ball. I think that I think that it if it's the shoulder. It's always going to be a problem. It's very hard to come back without a lot of rest and that's that's always going to be a difficulty for him. He certainly gave you know. How much more could you ask for a quarterback to give than what he gave. Last year try try to keep that team in contention and if it if he is healthy if the shoulder is under at that is a good football team that's going to it's going to be contending in a very very in. What is you know a fairly difficult division this season but I I kind of have my doubts about that and with any other quarterback it becomes a much less good good with any other quarterback on their roster. If becomes much less good football team defensively they're going to be tough with. They're going to have problems you. Could you could sort of say will turn it into a Josh Allen because oddly enough buffalo is is almost a carbon copy of Carolina. They were really good defensively last year. Josh shall turned out to be a better runner than anybody suspected and he's got a powerful arm which they're trying to harness better this season which is why. I think Buffalo's one of those dark our course teams you. You need to keep an eye on. I'm glad you said that because my column for ESPN the season name check buffalo is sneaky good team so I've got the I'm Mike Seal of approval yeah. I think we're on the same boat with that. One and you know I wouldn't I wouldn't be shocked to see them. Grab a wildcard out of out of that division and I think they're going to be a tough match up for the Patriots huge as well other team said he's not going to be as bad as some people are suggesting now. I might be completely of Morocco this one. I don't think the giants are going to tank as much as some people the. I'M NOT SAYING THEY'RE GONNA make the playoffs be careful what word to use because everybody's throwing tank around right now and at tank to me means deliberately. Try to lose all right but I was using the sense of that I don't. I don't agree with you there. I think it's going to have a certain amount of problem segmented. The one thing I do agree with is that that what they need to do right now is is to start ally at the start of the definitely because when you have a quarterback controversy especially with with a young quarterback who hasn't really played what you what you need to do and what makes sense to do is to play your veteran and let him play himself out out of the job if he if he plays really well on your winning that's a win if he if he does then you can put your your backup in your quarterback of the future. Ed and say okay now. We're riding with sky now. He may not win for you immediately because that's a big task for any rookie quarterback in the NFL unless you're unless you're like like bed rothlisburger and the steelers protect you they run the ball forty times a game and only asked you to throw twenty passes the giants as well to Ilana no economic. There's no room for sentiment but but in a season with the quite clearly barring extraordinary happening not gonNa make the playoffs that constantly for the two rings everything else they oh it's like at least give them give them a chance on zee say to play himself out of a job as opposed in completely objective world. I think you can argue. He's played himself out of their job. Over the last couple bliss seasons the second half of season you remember he was playing without without yeah. I mean there's there's mitigating circumstances on the other hand you could say that without an in Odell Beckham or a lexicon morass who can catch the ball. He throws four feet over their head. you know he he he won't be that good and they don't have a very good receiving core mom you know right right now which is a problem for both him and Daniel Johnson right but obviously at thirty eight even if he's a league average quarterback which I'm not even convinced he is is now. You don't want to be thinking. We've got to stick with him for sentimental reasons. I think you do have to stick to with him for practical reasons. You don't WanNa throw Daniel Jones. It's in off the deep end while while they're still is sentiment for Eli. Let Eli play. He is as good as people say he is great. It's a win if he's not you go to your net. You go do your quarterback of the future. We'll go full circle market. He lies thirty eight full circle to the top of the show is just a baby right in the giants have the cowboys in the first game of the season. We're going to be previewing a all of the first Sunday slate are Friday. Show Tom Deacon Comedian in the studio. with me for that one we'll get you set for this weekend the first weekend of NFL action cracking stuff on Mike you want to follow the big man on twitter call Kalsa sports and the blog irresistible targets irresistible tires and go to Patriot Dot Com Mike Carlson. FM T E because I'll be picking king all those Games online and starting tomorrow of course Green Bay and Chicago in the Daddy of all games the mother of all rivalries what a great guy to to get things underway yeah well tweet out the link to Causes Patio and call them as well get involved subscribe to that as well worth it Christoph Mom. We'll see you same time same basic three okay okay. That's that's the deal I liked that one and I'll be a year younger next year. Well actually it'll take me the whole week to walk. Welcome back to the Naqoura show with Patty power fantasy. That's the NFL fantasy game three and a half million pounds to be one this weekend gang. This is how you play good patty power fantasy to see choose your lineup from all of the NFL Sunday games three and a half million as I say to be won a million for first place. There's no chance any of us are going to get that nine pounds around two nine pounds and you could be landing a million pounds by the end of the weekend patty power fantasy rules apply set get evolve without go potty power fantasy honesty get stuck in good to have them on board so bad allergies will be dropping by in a moment. He's GonNa be talking through all the key carnage stories some big games on ESPN player this weekend as also be letting US know what to look out for that Friday Tom Deacon all friend of the show comedian. Tom Deacon getting.

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