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I'm Cheri Preston. Hurricane Florence now down to a category two, but still packing dangerous winds and a lot of rain it's closing in on the Carolina coast. ABC's Jim Ryan is in Wilmington North Carolina, hurricane Florence has lost some of its punch as it. Creeps toward the Carolina coastline. But it's also grown in size hundreds of miles from one edge to the other during Wilmington some white harmless. Clouds have been drifting overhead a look at satellite. Images suggests they are Florence's outstretched fingertips caressing the Carolinas before ferocious winds and flooding crash down nearly two million people are under evacuation orders. But ABC news chief national correspondent, Tom yomas who is in Myrtle Beach, South Carolina, says it's difficult for people. Sometimes it is really hard to evacuate either because they're older either because they don't have enough money or logistical reasons. They just don't want evacuate or it makes them nervous to evacuate a lot of people want to protect their homes. I've also heard that CBS news has fired the executive producer of sixty minutes. Jeff Fager who had faced questions about sexual misconduct. Was let go after sending a threatening text to a CBS reporter in it. He warned her to quote, be careful. There are people who lost their jobs. Trying to Harmeet said six people are dead in a shooting spree in Bakersfield, California police say a man killed three people at a business, including his wife, then he shot two more to nearby homeless man who lives nearby. The gunshot went off. And I I made a nose a gunshot shooter killed himself when police arrived it's primary day in New York voters heading to the polls will be focused on this year's governor's race, which has become more interesting than one might have thought if you months ago, Cynthia Nixon has drawn a lot of attention for her more progressive stance and forced incumbent governor Andrew Cuomo to take her challenge. Seriously. He's flooded airwaves with ads highlighting his experience and moved left on some key issues because he's Mark Remillard American and Cuban officials set to meet today to talk about those mystery attacks in Havana that left several American diplomats hurt. This is ABC news. Good news. You are not stuck with your healthcare plan. Really? You have a choice, and it's a great one. It's called medishare. And if you've heard about it and wondered what exactly it is? It's a way that people share their health care bills. And these are people who have a common faith, you want to be part of something beautiful that not only meets their healthcare needs. But the needs of others to.

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