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He saw himself as someone. Who is there to make sure that president trump is acquitted and that is a surprise because we think about this impeachment process? You know none of us. Are that familiar with the impeachment process because this will the third time we'll have had a senate trial but I think the the constitution envisions the Senate as an impartial jury who considers the case presented by the House and for the Senate majority leader who control so much of what will happen in this trial to say say he was not an impartial juror for him to meet repeatedly with officials from the White House to try to figure out what to do going forward. I think did chuck a lot of people. So what does this mean going forward. Do we have any idea whether Nancy Pelosi might actually literally hold onto it and not send it forward if she did that. What would that indicate? What would that mean? Well people the White House officials at the White House are now suggesting that would mean that. The president was never impeached because they they're arguing that the impeachment is act of sending it to the Senate. I think that it is unlikely that Nancy Pelosi will choose to do that. I actually think it is unlikely that Speaker Pelosi is going to delay a long time. You know that we're talking about it. Being a delay delay now but the fact is this is a meaningless delay at the moment because the House and Senate have gotten home for the holidays they come back on January six. Nothing would have happened until January six even even if she had gone ahead and immediately sent the articles of impeachment to the Senate I'm inclined to think that she'll that will look pretty tricky. If she doesn't forward the articles of impeachment she's been trying she's trying to be careful to make this look like not as a political act but as a constitutional one and I think that there will be the risk that she could open herself to a lot of criticism of kind of Of acting in a political way. Do you see Mitch. Rich McConnell giving into any demand whatsoever. So here's the thing Nancy Pelosi Mitch. McConnell are both great poker players. I don't mean actually playing poker I just mean that. They are skilled in this exercise in which they are now engaged in. I don't know how it comes out. But they both have some cards to play and they both have some vulnerabilities as well on this and so I'm inclined inclined to think that they'll reach some kind of accommodation that prompts. Nancy Pelosi to send the articles of impeachment over. But what that comprises..

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