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We have some developing news breaking news out of federal way here's tom glasgow king county fire units responding to a reported explosion in era twenty nine thousand eight hundred four th avenue south federal way they found an suv that had obviously had an explosion no reports of injury we meaning we is the south king county fire supporting the federal way police department at this point the incident is under investigation photos posted by south king a fire show a completely destroyed suv in the wake of that explosion as we follow that we need to get an update on our aaa traffic in our drive home here's marina rockinger and we still have some problems northbound four zero five just south of the maple valley highway there is now a collision that is blocking in the right lane so we're seeing quickly seeing a backup there we have slow down southbound four zero five that are solid from five twenty down through coal creek northbound is rolling slow from five twenty up through kirkland still rough northbound i five from northgate up through mountlake terrace and it's a slow go southbound i five from the south center area down to about two hundred on southbound one six seven at the kent des moines road we have a left lane blocked so stop and go traffic from eighty four and still have a crash reported on may valley road eastbound at is a hobart road looks like we have an eastbound backup of over two miles you're next komo traffic at two twenty four komo forecast for tomorrow sunshine and seventy five degrees right now in seattle very nice evening sixtynine degrees at six sixteen stay connected stay informed komo news sponsored by land rover jaguar of bellevue puton blasco i'm taylor van cise four lisa jaffe this evening for an open democracy.

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