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Find out how their reviving retail by blending the benefits of online with the physical stall five is always believed that the physical retail space is here to say it just needed technology to augment it and serve the future is that technology all that coming up on this special edition of section day zaire hooded death last year yield all men are all retrospective rumblings about the architects of korea during praise and ira in equal measure it's strange to think then that between sitting up her office in nineteen 77 and building the you now feted vitrifying station in vile am ryan in 1993 she didn't complete a single structure instead she drew painted and pondered the productive period walls the subject all the show at the serpentine sackler gallery itself designed by headed in london's hyde park code the hooded early paintings and drawings many of them were admitted as actual propositions to understandably bewildered clients henry reese showed and spoke to this up in tignes amirah god about the polarizing firebrands formative years as you enter the exhibition space the first painting that you see it's called metropolis and it's from ninety eighty eight this is a painting that zaire had you'd was commissioned to do for an exhibition at the icy a in london it was a group exhibition presenting the work of emerging architects and this is in no way her first formulation or ideas of a vision for the city of london it's quite obstructed than it's a predominantly red and we already start seeing how zaire has thinking around the urban fabric is exploding and fragmented it's moving away from the epicenter of the city and this idea of gravity is starting to be challenged for her a city can be built underground than go up to the skies and this idea of gravity and how to use space is being challenged in her work and this is something that she will continue doing throughout her career and something that will eventually translate as well in her buildings and her architecture especially in the sense of there.

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