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And emme it's red eye radio he is eric harley i'm gary mcnamara by the way that the delaware state so proposal to allow children as young as five to choose their race and gender their sexual identity as early as age five without their parents permission the state's proposal has drawn more than eleven thousand public comments in the state of delaware in the forms of letters emails and online submissions the majority oppose the new rule yeah so that's a good thing yeah if approved the regulation were protect nineteen characteristics nine t that didn't get all the way up to fifty eight like facebook note uh oca uh protections of experts expers expert david cohen professor of law adverts university said are not represented in the current antidiscrimination policy puddle nine does not explicitly cover gender and all the talks about a sex discrimination and not every court administrator or administration interprets gender identity as sex degas while we'll because remmer gender used to be sex until they redefined the definition exactly while nause gender doesn't mean uh genitals means sex will actually yeah the way that obama was interpreting it absolutely it did that was the whole point and nobody on the left disagreed with it there were there was nobody outraged on the left would president obama did nobody nobody said no love you've got to differentiate the gender identity is different than sex didn't happen from the left we know we covered it yep and now they taken a two race that a child cannot choose the race well i eight six six ninety red eye if you would like to get in was go to steven in raleigh north carolina's steven welcome you're on red eye radio eye hey good morning gather you very good good area let's talk about us or towards the delaware slow as far as that goes look what it will do gee all your your financial institutes and even your colleges if you got a a five year old making those decisions and especially in the.

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