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But worth it. I was worried. I'm like, where is this going? As soon as you started telling this story, I was like, I bet as soon as I hit it, it starts lighting like a giant balloon. Well, you're right. You're absolutely right. I did. But they claimed that when this thing just disappeared, there were no signs of any fluids, no Bloods, no residue, whatsoever of this giant spider, it just simply vanished. So on my car, that's a little bit interesting. Halloween. And they thought no, again, she spoke to Stan, so he only usually reports like he's pretty reliable on his reports. And you can usually tell if someone's really stirring something up. I'm convinced that she saw something and multiple witnesses. Multiple witnesses sort. Well, at least two people saw it. But there was this other factor, right? So first of all, listen to this. There's this odd detail that grabbed Stan golden's attention because obviously he's a trained investigator, even though it's through his own stuff, but he knows his stuff. He caught something. He got this attention. She said, look, the environment felt unusual. The a was slightly cold and there was this slight fog in the area. But not only that, there was this bright yellow glow that was coming from behind them. It wasn't in the sky, it wasn't coming from the sun. It was coming from behind them, and it was illuminating the entire area, and it seemed to confuse them. It was almost like everything looked beautiful around them, and everything was like being in Paradise for a short time and then it dissipated. And disappeared. And I'm thinking, what is going on? Yeah, it's like, did they have some, look, could they have been exposed to some type of hallucinatory weapons testing? Is this what's happening? A gas in the air. Did they eat something bad at lunchtime? But the light, like this lot, it makes me think of what we've been talking about on the episode..

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