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Welcome back to coast to coast, Michael horn with us, of course, as we talk about the Billy Meier case, and Michael any new books out for you, folks. Well, Billy has rather prolific. He his ability to write amazing books does not seem to cease. There are a number of books that may be new to people, of course, who've never looked at this in some that are actually new translations. There's a book called the way to live phenomenal books might as a sought came out several years ago, and that is a book that I could reread for the rest of my life. It's just such a. Clarifying? Expression of how to think how to reason and how to understand the, you know, I think in your last guest you talked about the meaning of life. Towards the end of the show. I happened to catch what's going on. And you know, something we ponder and Meyer. When we did our first film on him in two thousand six released in two thousand eight the sound revolution of truth. Billy in the beginning of the film early on in the film says the meaning of life is the evolution of consciousness. Now. That's an interesting statement when you get a book like some might of the thoughts or the way to live or the psyche or the newest book, the are a hot author sought to it's amazing. They're all amazing books and you start to read and realize there's nothing thrown away. There aren't words are just put in to sound good em sentences are weighty and yet they're clearly written. They're not written in some high flute and language and the. What it brings us to? And at any point in our discussion, we have to ask why this case why if it's true what if it's real why what's the reason for it? It's not so that I can run around and lecture notes not. So that we can chase lights in the sky. And I came to the conclusion back in two thousand and four when I put out my first DVD called the Meyer context, the key to our future survival. I had to do I came to the conclusion for myself that this was literally about human kind's survival and not in some ways, it even invites concept. Somebody's coming to save us. Or is it, you know? We we are going to be magically saved from our own misdeeds and missteps, but that everything in the universe operates, according to a number of immutable laws one of which is the law of cause and effect when you are reading my books, you begin to understand it on a whole other level because what what Billie is saying in the simplest ways, and yet the most profound ways, and he said, it was simple sentence the human being the Smith of their own destiny, we forge our own destiny. But we're not going to be able to do it just with nice happy positive thinking that overlooks or disregards tries to band-aid the reality. Yeah. Let's see our individual and collective life. Now Earlier Michael you were talking about the volcano predictions and tell me the significance. They seem to all be around the Italy area. How come well? Not all of them. Actually, it was just that. This is these are huge markers for what's going to happen. And just see, you know, your your audience as well subsequent to this being published. The earthquakes had begun in central Italy, the strong quakes more than that in the very same document. And those folks that have clicked on, you know, my CDC block tonight can can go through this. But he speaks about he says also in the south of Europe, this is nineteen forty eight. This is written the all transforming consequences will be enormous when the volcanoes of Mount Etna and Stromboli as well as the submarine largest active volcano of Europe, mount Marsili. Off the coast of Italy together with about two dozen further submarine volcanoes in the Mediterranean begin to erupt. Also, the Caldera that is to say the super volcano for grainfields in Italy comfy slavery, sometimes called is already making yourself more and more noticeable in order to tear open the earth in the distant future. Every one of those volcanoes has recently within the past year started to show signs of awakening to the point that some are already doing some erupting with a copy flagrant. Scientists are very concerned because that's been dormant for a long time and this a huge Caldera huge. And it's not just there because what we're told here is, for instance, a little earlier in this prediction, it said on the American continent. Much will be destroyed far and wide in a more distant time is the great call Darrow will break open which cannot be prevented as the earth being broken open by the Greek I full Caldera in Germany cannot whereby the upper part of Europe will become a sea of fire. Now, you hear these things and you wonder. You know, he's a true. What does it mean to me? It doesn't seem real that's somewhere else. It isn't here. It isn't happening. But we have to go back to about nineteen fifty one when Meyer himself using information from his teacher publishes his first letter on the environmental warnings of events that are coming. And he's the first person, I know who addresses and people can agree or disagree that this is happening, but it's pretty blatant the unnatural manmade climate change and global warming and the increase in frequency and intensity of all manner of storms tornados, hurricanes earthquakes, volcanic eruptions, blizzards, etc. In the blog that I put up for your listeners. I simply grabbed five or six articles that are up on the internet have nothing to do with Meyer, except that they're showing that these things are underway backup when he said. Oh, yeah. Oh, yeah. And remember, he he publishes this stuff in forty eight or fifty one, and we're, you know, sixty eight years later, these events are unfolding in what's especially troubling, one of the videos at my friend. Mike Basil's sent me a link to shows all this flooding going on in Nebraska, but the the guy in the videos talking about the other flooding happening in the overall area, north and west and east and sausage. And what he's saying is the farmers here are unable now on sometimes on half or more of their property to plant the crops. This was all four told the droughts famines the Gelugpa users, and then you know, desertification this stuff is I have a whole link to Meyer stuff from fifty one to about the eighties all about the environmental destruction. He even foretold long ago rolling. Walls fire that are gonna go across America that will burn like we had in California, and like other places, and we're not seeing this stuff. But this isn't again, this isn't either just to entertain people are scare them. It's about preparedness. And when I talk to people when I do presentations, you know, people's what are we supposed to do about all this even if it's true, which is of course, the question and the answer the best answer, I can give this it's too late because humankind scientists who should have did not heed did not take the actions would help forestall avert mitigate some of the worst stuff is coming. And what we need to do is. Human beings is get the best information, of course, and forge mutually healthy cooperative. Interdependent relationships with like minded people. They don't all have to be into the same anything, including the Meyer material. But. If you recognize that we must start to sink differently. This isn't just either happening or going to happen somewhere else. We the people of this country and others are now in for massive environmental challenges, we've passed the point of climate change climate destruction. The danger to the atmosphere has increased parts of the seas are dead. Meyer was warned about the full extent Fukushima was in days of it. He published the information about them the meltdown the radioactive particles were already being detected over northern Europe by the play when the BP disaster hit. And we did some of this stuff is this does anybody take heed to the things? He says Michael oh, you hit on something. Fantastic. Look there, look, my friend. Joe? Tis the, you know, the airforce guy he authenticates the case. I've got Massey whiskey, which is a former NASA aerospace engineer, he studied this for thirty five years. He's syndicated from his point of view is as an aerospace professional Kennedy Smith recently retired as a VP director of operations at orbital flight systems. This is it this is solid. It's real we spoke about this case, he said at the company, they know I've got people still there that no Myers the real deal. And I heard from a lawyer, I never heard that didn't even know the guy, and he was he said he'd said it all the scientific information was solid the way it was thought through. But here's what happened recently. There was a couple of articles in the newspaper in Arizona where I live, and there were a couple of people mentioned one person up at USGS in flagstaff and another scientist who teaches at any you were I have lectured twice, and I saw the US GSI intas was connected with the Mars and Mars Rover project, and also I I just went over there. Went over to the US GS, and I asked to see the sky, and he came out he by the way, I'm not mentioning people's names here because of a couple of factors one. These are nice people. I was I'm not trying to set them up or anything, and I just came. And if you if you talk to me be great, okay? So he talked him a bit about the Mars thing. And I said what if I told you that this information on Mars has been gathered over let's say the past ten years, whatever what if I told you that this man, I know is already published all specifically specifically, and I have all this on the page to stuff that it's so mind blowing that Meyer publishes stuff, and he says, well, you know, I'd have to really see it and blahdy, blah, blah, blah. And I said, well, I'm okay. So I show him some stuff. Now, here's word got a little unhappy for me to be unhappy. Really? Yeah. It this way because I pull out the photo book of six hundred seventeen of Myers. Crystal clear UFO's pre digital era all that, you know, just beautiful stuff. And are we Georgia? They're okay. I heard a thing. I didn't know what they're okay. And he doesn't we it's like he glasses of the book. And he says, well, no, you don't have to show me. I should look these world taken prediction, and he's just glazes over which also happened with the other nice scientists that I met with from any you. They don't even here's here's what happens in my mind. If I pull out a book with six hundred seventeen photographs crystal clear daytime photos of UFO's some taken within fifteen to forty feet, you should say to me one of two things. One would be this is obviously a hoax. He's models. Go at it. Bring your skepticism because you know, or you should go. Oh my gosh. But to behaviors I just shown guy box of cereal that doesn't resonate with me. If it doesn't work. So I sent this guy documentation on Mars, okay? And he sends me back something he'd l- let us on the one thing. And he says, well, I'm not aware of any lightning on Mars because Meyer had published information about lightning on Mars. And.

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