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But my love my joy is being on a movie set with people who who I know who blow my mind about how cool and talented. They are and we're solving the problem of making this movie, and hopefully, maybe maybe we'll make something cool. That's still is like being on vacation from that's like my version of going to Bali, and you know, and and soaking up sun, and you know, and hanging out with you know, we hang out with in Bali the Balanese. Yeah, they go. I knew he'd know. I know he'd know. What else do I need for you to tell me that? I know I'm here. But anyway, so so. But the air airplanes are like I'm finding out are very unhealthy. Like the air in an airplane is is is not real air. Just that recycled. Yeah, it's just shit. And then you know, that whole pressurized de-pressurizing on pressurized thirty five thousand down to twenty eight because there's turbulence you know, it's a drag. So that that's the trade off that trade offers like I'm a little burnt out from from from what what you have to do to go to to have all of the Nocholas and the joy and the good luck in the good fortune. And a great memories that I'm getting to have by doing all this stuff. So, but I don't dare ask to like, you know, lighten up on the on the on right on the opportunities because. You know? It's I I know what famine is like, I'm I'm happy to be part of the feasting. Yeah. No. You gotta catch yourself complaint. God, I can't believe I got I I'm fine. It's fine to make sure the university is, you know, I'm fine. I'm I'm really good kind of funny that people will do complain about being on a set. Yeah. You know, you just sit in your trailer most of the time, but it seems like well, you know, you'd have some time to yourself. You can read you could learn your lives, you can figure out how to be a better person, you could learn a language it seems like you could do a lot in. You know, I personally nap you could nap as much as possible napping in my trailers, no one will ever know how many hours I've spent that sleep at thirteen. Let's say you're in like, a well, let's say like at thirteen hour day on set how much of that time. Are you actually doing the thing you're paid to do? It varies. I mean, there's no real right answer that I mean, there are certain GP's that I've worked with you know, who the ratio how long it takes for them to light a scene and the amount of time it takes to shoot that scene is like eight to one right? The DP is lighting. Right. You know? And then you're on the on those movies. I have never looked better. I mean, I'm so well rested. You know what you're napping? Yeah. You there's no bags in the my is, you know, like, I I got pep in my step. It's beautiful. But then there are days when you're you just can't wait to get off set because you're just like, you know, just they're like, you know, relentlessly. You know, the only the only break you get his lunch. Either way's fine with me. Have you ever been a situation where you're shooting, and you just you just tired, and he kinda don't feel like being there at in your mind? You're sorta just phone in all your lines. And then you see the move, and you go I was actually pretty good. Yeah. No, take it. It took me fifty years to realize the power of phoning it in really, you know, because I mean people people, you know, now that I've like. You know entered into the autumn of my years. When I was forty five. No, it all you got. We got him talking. I really carry. We gotta do little carry. Okay. I just did. But anyway, they. You know, when I was younger. I didn't appreciate the actors that I do now like. You know, everybody said, well, John, Wayne, you know, he's the biggest box office star. He's but he he's not acting. He's just he's just being himself..

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