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Is on the line he is the co chair of the congressional progressive caucus represents the second district in Wisconsin in the U. S. house represented Spokane at house dot gov is website ko CA and and even treat him at Rep mark Pocan and Edward in cedar rapids Iowa you're on the air is congressman Pocan hi good morning gentlemen my question is about that coronavirus listening dismantling of everything that Obama put in place to take care of this by the trump administration are there any you know set backs are there any second chances that we've got to stop this from coming in and attacking the bed general population in the country yeah thanks for the question second and cedar rapids during your caucus and is glad to be there in the city yes as well there have been the the things that Tom and I mentioned the beginning of the program all these roll backs from the Obama administration where we had our preparedness for dealing with this this is going to come and the CDC is set at Dr Fauci is that it I've been in closed door briefings with only medical of folks nationally around this it's different than what we're hearing from the president and Larry Kudlow and others who are trying to have this not affect the stock market but the reality is this is something that is growing back when we had our closed door briefing they had two days of it leveling off and I thought that could be a good sign in the very next day sixteen thousand new cases right now so we have to have a coordinated global response we have to work closer and get more information from China but we have to take this seriously as a medical issue in the United States and that is something that affects the economy and I don't know if Donald Trump is capable of that tonight we'll see he's got a press conference let's hope he does the right thing they should be bigger than him or any of us but I I think we can still is a great nation need L. stand up to this but I do have concerns that were not focused on the right aspects of this right now one of the things the psychological studies tell us is that when people are fearful they tend to vote more conservatively does that concern you yeah although if it turns out that his response to this has been bad people might realize that that's why you actually adult the White House right and yeah that's a good one in the White House yeah so I guess that would be the other approach but you know I I am concerned I mean when you've got the default secretary of homeland security actually same of a virus I'm sorry and it at a cure in several months and we're being told by every health professional it's probably a year to more likely eighteen months that shows that they're not all on the same page that does provide a great concert yeah Russell and hickory hills Illinois you're on the air with Carson how can hi yes yes Starkey Mr okay and I was wondering I watched you only read Sunday and they had you know one in Michigan but the main yeah mistake came about Donald Trump most of all our top candidates why is that in Wisconsin R. as in what I hear now are going right in Wisconsin were gone but when Arizona why we'd be happy to Donald Trump left almost four years you have an answer yeah Russell that was an outlier poll think traffic there was one poll that came out that showed that and they again use the sampling from our twenty sixteen turnout where we had a two hundred fifty thousand democratic voter drop off I doubt that will happen again and I think we'll have a nominee that'll come to our state a lot of other things that'll work including the convention being Wisconsin help that out so every other poll has shown Joe Biden and Bernie Sanders generally beating sometimes more of the candidates beating Donald Trump in Wisconsin and that was a single wire in not too much I think should be put into that this week we'll have another polytechnic believe it might be today from the Marquette poll which often samples a little more towards twenty sixteen as well that'll pay be I think more representative but all the other polls that have been in Wisconsin have shown several Democrats defeating Donald Trump interstate albeit very close we are purple state mail in Madison Wisconsin speaking of Wisconsin you're on the air is connected with congressman Pocan who may well be your congressman I by measure there's not one of those one of say yes he does all the memory will encourage memory probably have you there I have one question what if trump refuses to eat the directional through his employer the loser but appeared to leave office what more importantly steps on that than what they take yeah and we mentioned this a little earlier deals a little bit about that again I think there's a lot of areas that are putting out there that against the possible versus the probable and I think at this point the best thing we can all do is focus on the elections for us because that is the single best way to see the change that I think many of us and many of times listeners are looking for and trust me there are many people talking about many different scenarios and making sure that we're ready but I think talking about those scary hypothetical situation doesn't service as well as really focusing on what we need to do right now which is in every state make sure that we're building the strongest operation possible to get out voters to try to change the election results and have Democrats we in the in the states where some people often stayed home we need to get them out voting their values if we do that I think would be successful one of them congressman mark Pocan the co chair of the congressional progressive caucus taking your calls for the army days of mark Chris and Spooner Wisconsin you're on the air with congressman okay Salem right just click on the conditions speak to electability and why they attack Sanders so much wind I think that electability as far as that Buddhist church being a whole nothing's gonna mobilize a Christian right like a homosexual running for president and I think that makes him unelectable because little draw away and it'll activate the base the Christian right which I think is wrong you know yeah Chris so I I think you know the way I look at it is the majority of people agree with progresses on its whether it be the green new deal Medicare for all a raising minimum wage of fifteen dollars that go down the list of progressive values and those are all sick it eighty percent issues I think when people don't vote often because they don't feel like a candidate really believe that that their that their vote is wasted and and that's what we saw the Russians trying to do when they interfered in our elections in twenty sixteen to try to convince people their vote is wasted if we have a nominee who talks to those values strongly I think that person wins in you know in Wisconsin pressed we had a turn fifty thousand voter drop off because people weren't inspired enough to get out the vote we have to really prove that we believe these things and we'll get people out to vote and that's how you win elections so you know personally as a progressive I believe Ernie Sanders Elizabeth Warren most closely a mere those values I've endorsed Bernie Sanders because I saw what he did in Wisconsin in twenty sixteen twenty one seventy one of seventy two counties and got seventy two percent of the vote of independence seventy three percent of young voters to key constituencies but we just got to really talk to the issues that people talk about their kitchen table they're concerned about not having health care that they can afford their mortgage or rent we need to talk about those sorts of issues that we do that I think can be victorious German Denver Colorado you're on the air with Carson how can yes Tom mine thank you for taking my call so on I think we talked about this not you I'm but I article fourteen when representatives of Serbia apportioned among the several states according to the numbers and if there are not as allowed to vote you know a little bit gerrymandering in land bottled water suppression the basis of representation therein shall be reduced in proportion to which the number of such mail citizen shall bear the whole number of male citizens and you know could we use that to get us some of the representatives kicked out in the red states that do voter suppression by Campo kicked a five hundred eighty thousand people off the voting rolls the grand palace the BBC prove that at least three hundred forty thousand were still Georgia residents still living at the same place according to the Fourteenth Amendment Georgia tional lost a member of the house of representatives as a consequence of that has anybody ever seriously taken that up I I haven't seen the proposal it used to take that up I can tell you though that there are many efforts looking at redistricting right now led by groups including Eric holder's organization that Brock Obama's involved with trying to make sure we're addressing this so we don't have this but I can tell you in Wisconsin we just had that over the court case right now pending over a couple hundred thousand votes that could be purged some of those people voted in twenty sixteen and they're trying to purge them off the record and that is currently in litigation so any of these efforts that we see come from Republicans to try to pick voters rather than voters picking their elected officials are problematic and we have to fight them everywhere and we are fighting them everywhere and thankfully there organizations doing just that Lydia in port Angeles Washington you're on the air with congressman Pocan hi good morning I'm proud to say I voted for Bernie Sanders already in Washington state we have a mail in ballot is so easy and you don't even need a stamp that Braden I'm telling everybody that will listen to me that I think I recommend him anyway so thanks for being there with them like a couple ideas one is said maybe longer term business in China with her versus her clothing or whatever it is will be affected by this virus and that'll hit her in the pocket and maybe she'll say her father to do something serious about it this one idea but other than that I wanted to call about it Kevin trails I'm looking out my window and it connects to the spread of viruses I think it's not very well known at their spring these metal particulates into our atmosphere they look like a contrail on an airplane but they don't go away they can and slowly dispersed and spread and they're involved in this kind of people don't know it's top secret and this may be conspiracy but it's geo engineering and there's a website you can I know very good information from we've got a live the cars and you I. D. box at our chalet I thought I was just the first question that China which I think one of my concerns was when the commerce secretary Wilbur Ross talked about that that it could be good for US business because it's going to hurt find out that's a bizarre response to have something like the coronavirus that obviously borders are going to stop and have to have a worldwide response to so I am very concerned again that their concerns are more about market than health and let's hope that the president is stepping up to something better to make with the address is ten and with regard to the vapor trails that come out of the back end of their pet Jenner plans when you when you burn fossil fuels one of the by products as carbon dioxide the other major by by product is water hydrogen oxygen and that water comes out of these engines at their at that thirty forty thousand feet where the air is based seventy degrees below zero Fahrenheit and it immediately freezes what you're looking at our ice crystals those those contrails they slowly dispersed in some places and a more rapidly disperse in other places depending on the temperature of the air around them and and a you know it's just very simple math and and chemistry there is there are not additives being put into jet fuel and there are not machines on jet airplanes that are pumping chemicals into the air that are harming us that is that is an absolute total wrong bizarre.

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Aired On Thursday, February 27, 8 AM, On Radio Free Nashville.

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