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We'll d'isly caught a touchdown i it. They are so bad against tight ends. They get the rams next week. So yeah i guess and i don't even know who they play but believe it or not. Just don't start any jets ever play the rams some starting against the rams. That's for sure. So can we just draw perryman. And frank gore and tigon jamison crowder. And how many of those guys did you really pick up. Though i started for shod perryman and jamison crowder in liege in the same league in the same league jets and mitchell trubisky. I'm gonna win. Hey hey that's awesome. Should stay with darnold Trubisky alan robertson better. Yeah crowder's eighty seven percent with donald. Yeah crowder light money on fire for you. Russell wilson came through four touchdowns on twenty seven. Okay the backfield split with carson. Actually getting fewer carries than carlos hyde. Hold the phone on that though. Hide had five carries in the fourth quarter and eleven carries in the second half. And i don't believe cursing even played in the fourth quarter. I wasn't picking up the phone i was. I was paging you for you to pick up the phone and tell everybody got on that one. I wouldn't be worried about high taking over work from carson well the excited about carson having the touchdown in seventy six yards and starting to round into form here down the stretch. It's not good. If it's a twelve ten splits it. That's a really in bowling. I don't know how many of carlos height six third quarter carey's came in what was basically garbage time already. Let's put dragging the on the case. Shaggy be try to shed some light on the seahawks running backs. I mean i actually looked at the game log. And i think they were both fairly involved during the same portion of the game with carson ahead of him but not like super ahead of him. But it's just so much better see so good Right we'll we'll put draghi beyond. I've got the halftime numbers. Right here. carson had twice as many carries his high in the first half eight to four. That's not like super. I mean if stayed sixty six percent sure but only four more carries. It's not. I.

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